This is especially true among those given to a false sense of humility or dignity. And while such a one may have a plan, being impenetrable in their own mindset they are unable to advance due to the fact that it is that very same mindset which led them astray.The adaptation then, is to be open minded enough to perceive the portal which will ultimately bring about the change to reverse the curse. For the stubborn man steals from himself.

So then, let us pray:

LORD help us to relinquish our stubbornness that we may receive the advantage in times of fruitlessness and decay. I pray our hearts to be open to the mouth of wisdom and the ear of learning. Father I pray that you drive back the winds of adversity, so that the bickering of the enemy while seen will not become an effectual.

Let us then hunger and thirst after righteousness to peak a more glorious light by which we may still and illuminate the way for those who may follow us. In JESUS Name. -Amen.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,saith the LORD. -Isaiah 55:8 KJV