Heavenly,Father, God,

Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptableness to you and only you.

Here lays my heart felt offering and to God be the Glory,
Cynthia aka Mommy Dearest

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Don't let Delilah, get her hands on your man

Play him like Samson as only she can
Make a good man, be damned!
If he do and damned if he don't
For if his wife won't
She surely will
Give him, his fill
Listen then drill
Her point home
When Mother Terese's gone
Sacrificing herself to work, bible study or church
Leaving him out on the lurch
So there Delilah perched
And waited
Until your sex life faded away
For you thought it more important, to study and pray
Then minister to your spouse, in each and every way
A wise help mate should stay
Abreast of the hunter and the pray
watch the length and width, of every skirt
the plunging neckline of her shirt
Yes, that subtle glance could surely hurt
How could she have the audacity to flirt?
With the Pastor!
NO regard to the first lady or the Master
if you don't watch out, the antics will become even craftier
So don't let her
Set your marriage up for failure
Because you didn't nip her
weave in the bud
leaving your beloved
Husband alone
Tell Delilah to get gone!

Satan get behind me...and my husband!
Mommy Dearest

I’m just a chest piece
Moved by the hand of God

Merely a pond in this game of life
directed by the rod of affliction
Godly discipline when I’m not listening
Now a days folks call this intervention
I've been rehabilitated.
Spiritually manipulated
by the Chest Master.
Taught to be patient
For the game won’t move any faster
Than the Almighty deems
Maneuvering around the enemy
His goal is to keep me free
To conquer my opponent
Quickly and quietly
Positioning me to see
In the absence of the worldly ruche
The Master gave me an opportunity to look.
At the strategies found in the Good Book.
Leading me in the strike.
With the Angel of the Lord taking demon knights.
For with Jesus guidance every move is right.
Calculated to eliminate strife.
And with Christ like submission
came the ability to defeat the evil queens opposition.
Place myself in the ultimate position.
To skillfully fulfill my fate.
Boy it feels great
To shout in the devil’s face
He Loves His Button Downs

I’m down with the Benjamin Button tip
As time rolls by…the hipper Mommy plan’s to get
Cause in the big scheme of things…age is irrelevant
Love is the factor that should motive your intent
The first and foremost commandment
In this life’s series of curious events
Like a rapper changing up his fashion scene.
Taking it to another level of maturity is what the Jigger meant
Cause when your a child, you act as a child
But when your became a woman or man,
you should put away childish things

Triple X T”s…shagging pants down to your knees
A public stripteases…cleavage and butt cheeks, made fashionably obscene
And industrial weight bling bling…dude, if ya like it, you should give her a ring
Minus multiple chains…go from a nick to a sir name
Call us Mr. and Mrs. Button Down…got picked up off the ground
By the Hand of God
…they held, when he called Him Momma in the dark
Yeah, once a man or woman and twice a child
What happens in between is all that is worth while
Did you stand out or blend into the crowd…make a difference some how?
Plant a seed and watch it grow
And God bless the child with an old mans soul
It’s time to reverse the dress code… and be clothed…in love

Walk in that circle because...your no longer pitted against the Lord above
You've been nominated by the Beloved Dove
And rewarded Salvation, all because
He Loves…buying new button downs

My uterus rules the world

A treasure chest, that holds priceless diamonds and pearls
Worth selling everything you own
Just to get a few gems of your own
God given, girls and boys
Conceived in pain or joy
To valuable to flippantly destroy
Why should we toy
Play oh so coy, with God
For whom we just robbed
Of a beloved child
He only needed your uterus, for but a short while
To knit together a precious child
But the rulers of the uterus scowl
And say, "I choose not to rule this day"
I guess 9 months, was to much to ask
To birth a jewel
Another apple of The Lord's eye
That shed a tear and bide good bye
To future kings and queens, never seen
But chosen to rule, beside their other siblings
Those who were blessed to be living
But I thank God, for being so forgiving
Of those who rule the world, with their uterus
And not their hearts

I no longer rule the world with my uterus,
Mommy Dearest

"Behold the virgin shall become pregnant and give birth to a Son, and they shall call His name Emmanuel-which, when translated means, God with us." Matthew 1:23

"For these things I weep, my eyes overflow with tears, because a comforter one who could refresh and restore my soul, is far from me. My children are desolate and perishing, for the enemy has prevailed." Lamentation 1:16
Get It Girls

When I holla broads up!
Female MC’s squad up!
Everybody come amoed up
Bering your hooks and verses all sobered up
We serving bars that ain’t Henneyed up
When the Good Lord shouts Annie B up
I’ll be toastin with the blood of the cup
Pourin out some…for souls…to get lifted up
Cause It won’t matter if ya Gucci or Fendi up
Whether your anklet or your chain is iced up
He’s calin’ lyrically bad girls to step the game up
With tongues bizzeled and princess cut
Spittin rubies and cannery yellow diamonds…up
Now that’s what ‘s up…No beef or bluff
Fox and Kim just beatin the track up
With Eve, Missy and Radigga backin em up
So all hail to the Queens that started this…Getty up
When Lyte lit the way up
And Lauren Hill probed the door up…with 8 Grammys
For other female rappers in the cut…to come up
Like Trina, Ryme Ma, Jackie O, and Lady Luck
Including the European influx
Floetry and Ms Dynamite blown it up
So ladies please…let us not F. this track up
Keep the flow on the up and up
We ain’t casting our pearls among swine...We lifting it up
So thrown The G. up…For the one that got us all flossed and lip glossed up
Cause we gotta given it up
To the Most High
Flip a little wisdom for the Girl Child
Come on now…show the Lord how…We get it now.

I Got It!
Mommy Dearest

Twitter me this and twitter me that...is it all just idle chit chat?
Or irrelevant facts...periodically spat...texted and stacked
In neat little lines...frozen in time...and cyber space
Lies and truth entwined and laced...together
Like "birds of a feather"...cell phone tethered
Stormy days or fair whether
We must tweet...online parakeets...perched and ready to preach
Sharping our teeth...on every word
Now Polly needs her cracker!
The fixation factor...from ordinary folks to politicians and actors
They all must tweet...their opinions and or beefs
Fragmented thoughts in the mind
An axe to grind...technically blinded
By the sender...whats the motive and or agenda
Do we even remember...how to have a real conversation?
Or has the twitter nation...become the norm
Gone are soapboxes and platforms...in the traditional form
A simple text, makes as much noise has a bullhorn
So who needs bells or whistles...pen, paper or pencils?
When now a days Tweetie birds...don't have to speak to be heard!

I pattern myself after no ordinary woman or man
If you ain’t in the resurrected clan…been to hell and back again
Persecuted or verbally damned…betrayed by loved ones and fam
With a dead on resemblance to the Great I AM…a slave to Christ
Jay, Nas and Lupe on the mic
A straight Tyler Perry, female look-a-like
The O positive type...pleading the blood of Jesus Christ
On my sick anatomy of Rhimes…the writer and producer credit kind
Willing to grind…it out in the industry…crucified and nailed to a tree
All to fulfill, your predestined Calvary
That’s Me…a wanta be…cut from the same cloth
Left on the chopping block…in the tomb from whence Jesus walked
Out of…all because…of God’s love
I long to be a reflection of…His beloved Dove
And I ain’t talking about gospel awards
I’m aiming for Grammy’s, Oscar’s and sold out tours
Your girl is biting off of…Yours…truly
The one who sacrificed His life to save me…an ordinary Mommy
So, no matter what folks think…I’m gonna do me…be the best I can be
Lift up, movies, music and reality TV…with positive images…messages
For the love of my kids…making being Black in American…my bizz…naz
Take an honest look at the man in glass
Learn lessons from those of us who have passed on
There all many who are called but few are chosen…refuse to let mankind mold them
But pattern themselves after Christ…lead a resurrected life
For up from the grave they arose…with a mighty triumph over there foes
Platinum albums sold…block buster credit when the trailer scrolls
Doling out, Ripley Believe it or Not…dough, to needy souls
Yeah…I pattern myself after those...crucified to the Mos Def, souls

I'm a member of the Shroud Crowd,
Mommy Dearest
Moon Struck

Even the man in the moon,
will tell you, he has flaws
The brightest stars in the galaxies,
will confess their not perfect at all
So why do the short, desire to be tall,
the large day dream about being small
For ugly or beautiful, at some point,
that, we've all been inwardly and outwardly called
To imperfection, not a choice or election,
when void of God, there is no perfection
Just mirrored reflections, of a sun damaged self,
yet, still loved by the Creator Himself

Lord, Instruct the Moon Struck,
Mommy Dearest
Hand over Foot
Hand over Foot

I have a thing for Hands and Feet
Whether washed before we eat or sleep
Whats on top of and underneath
When I look at them they speak
Tell stories of labor and love
The tenderness or the toughness of
How it is now and once was
So strong, yet oh so weak
Extremities, with or without, a number of phalanges
Gnarled or sleek, by the grace of God, they have held up beneath
Enormous pressure, they offer an endless measure
Regardless of work or pleasure
They stamp or pour out, everything without. reward
For many of their selfless chores
The Glory they know, is not theirs, but Yours
For not by might, nor by power but by the spirit
Do they, push it, shove it, kick it, move it, build it,
touch it, grip it, stroke it, caress it, rock it, hold it,
mold it, pad it on the back, scold or console it
balancing it all, between two hands and feet
The doers of all that we think
Pointing out the direction, earthy or heavenly destined
To get us there, what an honorable pair
His pierced, so ours would be sheared
Often neglected of tender loving care
Made Holy when raised or leaping in the air
Washed in the blood, in life or death
Hands and feet, deserve, to some day receive Eternal rest
Or simply for us to remember just how blessed
We are the have them

Lord, I hold your hand and foot,
(W. African colloquialism for, I beg you)
Mommy Dearest

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