"He heals the broken hearts and binds up their wounds", Psalm 147:3

A place for Wounded Travelers to receive healing and Wounded Healers to be bound up,

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No one should live on the dark side of the sun
Where pain and sorrow love to run…and hide
Shield themselves from prying eyes
Behind a beautiful, blue face, pizza pie
A sapphire ball …of fire mounted, in heaven's sky
Where sun and moon…rarely collide
Teardrops instantly dry…so no one bothers to cry…any more
So please don’t explore…allow yourself to be sucked into the core
Doomed to exist no more…on the dark side of the sun

Here comes the Son...little darling
Mommy Dearest
Blue Monday

Once upon a time or two ago, I had to know
Momma, please tell me why, I'm so full of woe?
All the while she smiled!
Then called me her Blue Mondays Child
Girl someday, you'll show the world, how
To be meek and mild, if you humble yourself for just awhile
Then before you know it, honey child
The Lord will lift you up!
Fill your once empty cup, with abundant joy!
Peace and Happiness will be yours
And woe to, Blue Mondays, for they will be no more

Woe was Me,
Mommy Dearest


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