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A timely and apt word delivered via Poems, Prose, Verse and Spoken Words. "My heart overflows with a beautiful thought! I will recite a lovely poem to the king, for my tongue is like the pen of a skillful poet." Psalm 45:

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Poetry is a GIFT used to express yourself, its not for the reader its for the writer. His or her enter voice manifested into Living and Powerful words. Words strung together together in and endless visual display of feelings, what ever they may be. Your joys your pain, your triumphs and failures, your immaturity or maturity, highs/lows, whether your there or not and only the pen and the paper this case the keys and screen. It is truly your witness to the world that you were here and had something to say, whether right or wrong, truth or false, a opinion or your version of the story. More often then not, it beats to it's own drum, answers to it's own master and is lead by it's own spirit. The burning desire to speak and be heard, over all the other voices conversing simultaneously in the universe, with no end in sight. One thing the Bible says and I firmly believe is, "When everything else has passed away the Word is here to stay," whether you like or not, read it or not, understand it or not, express it or not, share it, save it or delete it or not! As I have said here before,The gift of Poetry from God saved my life, it was and will always be my therapy. I never miss my daily sessions and I swallow every bittersweet pill it dishes out So on this twisted road of life, where ever the Poetry Man goes, I will follow...searching, seeking...ultimately finding my way through the Word!

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Wounded Hearts

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"He heals the broken hearts and binds up their wounds", Psalm 147:3A place for Wounded Travelers to receive healing and Wounded Healers to be bound up,Continue

Sing a New Song

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I wanted to share a small portion of a song Inspired by and dedicated to the king of pop, from the breath of The King of Kings!1st Verse:There once was a dream that was so deprivedshe longed for a…Continue

Quips, Quoyes, Verses and Anecdotes

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Post the most amusing and meaningful Quips, Quotes, Verses and Anecdotes you've read, heard or have passed down in your family.Continue

MD Inspirations

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An unconventional yet honest mix of Spoken Word and Scriptural Text!Continue

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...

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Post beautiful, interesting, odd and meaningful professional or not...artwork, photo's, snap shots, clip art and anything else that has visual meaning to you. For as they say, "A picture is worth a…Continue

Post Your Favorite Poems

Started by Mommy Dearest. Last reply by Mommy Dearest May 29, 2009. 1 Reply

Share your favorite poems by published Poets and feel free to give any insight you may have in regards to them...what they mean to you.

I Wish I would have Known...profound After Thoughts

Started by Mommy Dearest May 29, 2009. 0 Replies

Share profound thoughts and life lessons, that are more valuable when taught and learned now...rather than later!But better Late then Never,Mommy DearestContinue

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Comment by Mommy Dearest on July 24, 2009 at 3:30pm

Yeah! We welcome a new member, Ms. Houston
Comment by Mommy Dearest on July 24, 2009 at 3:28pm

Welcome to the group, Sharon Reid-Robinson
Comment by Mommy Dearest on July 24, 2009 at 3:20pm

I pattern myself after no ordinary woman or man
If you ain’t in the resurrected clan…been to hell and back again
Persecuted or verbally damned…betrayed by loved ones and fam
With a dead on resemblance to the Great I AM…a slave to Christ
Jay, Nas and Lupe on the mic
A straight Tyler Perry, female look-a-like
The O positive type...pleading the blood of Jesus Christ
On my sick anatomy of Rhimes…the writer and producer credit kind
Willing to grind…it out in the industry…crucified and nailed to a tree
All to fulfill, your predestined Calvary
That’s Me…a wanta be…cut from the same cloth
Left on the chopping block…in the tomb from whence Jesus walked
Out of…all because…of God’s love
I long to be a reflection of…His beloved Dove
And I ain’t talking about gospel awards
I’m aiming for Grammy’s, Oscar’s and sold out tours
Your girl is biting off of…Yours…truly
The one who sacrificed His life to save me…an ordinary Mommy
So, no matter what folks think…I’m gonna do me…be the best I can be
Lift up, movies, music and reality TV…with positive images…messages
For the love of my kids…making being Black in American…my bizz…naz
Take an honest look at the man in glass
Learn lessons from those of us who have passed on
There all many who are called but few are chosen…refuse to let mankind mold them
But pattern themselves after Christ…lead a resurrected life
For up from the grave they arose…with a mighty triumph over there foes
Platinum albums sold…block buster credit when the trailer scrolls
Doling out, Ripley Believe it or Not…dough, to needy souls
Yeah…I pattern myself after those...crucified to the Mos Def, souls

I'm a member of the Shroud Crowd,
Mommy Dearest
Comment by Mommy Dearest on July 22, 2009 at 12:45am
Pass the P’s

There are those who ponder, plan and pontificate
But like a child they push their potential peas…around their plate
Often perched at the dinning table extremely late
Refusing to swallow their preordained fate
So skillfully they procrastinate
Unaware that a delicious destiny awaits
For goodness sake…if only they’d try…they would see, the dish taste great
Instead the puppy under the table secretly ate
The baby’s peas and cropped up steak
Letting others stomach any possible mistakes
Too lazy to take…a chance so they fake…their way to the end of the meal
And if necessary, they will pretend to be ill
For they have had their fill…of the raw truth
Now lodged in a sweet tooth…is the bitter root…of the problem
Complacence has robbed them…of a bright future
They should have had that rotten tooth…pulled and sutured
So they could gum it down…instead they chose to dumb it down
An appetite for life no where to be found
When split peas abound…slackers toss them carelessly to the ground
Where the potentially profound…gobble them up
Gain strength and stepped up…to the silver plate
And said pass the P's...please

Mommy Dearest
Comment by Mommy Dearest on July 8, 2009 at 2:29pm

Twitter me this and twitter me it all just idle chit chat?
Or irrelevant facts...periodically spat...texted and stacked
In neat little lines...frozen in time...and cyber space
Lies and truth entwined and laced...together
Like "birds of a feather"...cell phone tethered
Stormy days or fair whether
We must parakeets...perched and ready to preach
Sharping our teeth...on every word
Now Polly needs her cracker!
The fixation factor...from ordinary folks to politicians and actors
They all must tweet...their opinions and or beefs
Fragmented thoughts in the mind
An axe to grind...technically blinded
By the sender...whats the motive and or agenda
Do we even to have a real conversation?
Or has the twitter nation...become the norm
Gone are soapboxes and the traditional form
A simple text, makes as much noise has a bullhorn
So who needs bells or whistles...pen, paper or pencils?
When now a days Tweetie birds...don't have to speak to be heard!
Comment by Mommy Dearest on June 27, 2009 at 3:18am

Welcome, William Jennings, our new poetic friend
Comment by Mommy Dearest on June 4, 2009 at 10:04am

Welcome to our newest member, D Tyler Brown! Thanks joining and for your poetic insight!
Comment by Apostle D Tyler Brown on June 4, 2009 at 8:41am
Poetic exhortations is the inspired word prompted by the motivation of the Holy Spirit to speak the truth in a heavely melody and to inspire by divine or supernatural means...Amen! Evangelist D Tyler much hurt and pain that the hearts speaks out in deliverance. Check out my ministry tools link.
Comment by Mommy Dearest on June 1, 2009 at 11:35am
Post your expressions on the inside or the outside, but what ever you do, POST IT, speak your mind!

I once was a prisoner of words unsaid
Thank God, He pardoned me least I be die!
Choked on the words I coulda, woulda, long, should have of said
Too afraid to let anyone know the horrid thoughts that loomed in my head
endlessly feed
on bitter memories, dredged
from the pit of destruction
Invisible obstructions
build on lies
not seen by naked eyes
So much hatred and malicious, that soft lips became calloused
chapped and cracked
Years of scare tissue would have to be peeled back
to get to the truth
the pain at the root
that grown into the humongous boot
locking in place, an unseen muzzle across my face
The final nail in the heart of my fate
no matter how hard I tried, cried, I could not shake
Words chose to forsake me
remain sealed inside of me
internally torturing me
relentlessly slaughtering
The Silent Lamb

Silence of His Lamb,
Comment by Mommy Dearest on June 1, 2009 at 11:27am

Welcome to our Poetic Body, Brandy Mmanabor!

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