Are you saved?
Are you Born Again?
Do you know there is a differance in these two things?
Are you Baptized in the Holy Ghost and fire?
Are you filled with the Holy Ghost?
Do you know there is a differance in these two things?

John the Baptist (John the Dipper) baptized in water for the remission of sins, our personal transgressions. Water baptism is still for the remission for sins.
Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Sin is the dead sin spirit that came on the world by Adam's fall. Rom 5 tells that death and sin came on the world by one man Adam. Likewise Sin is taken away by the last Adam, Jesus. He baptizes in the Holy Ghost and Fire to take away sin. The dead sin spirit is burned in the fire of the Holy Spirit, then the Holy Spirit imparts a new spirit, the seed of Jesus, perfect, sinless and incorruptable. The new spirit can communicate with God.

Before the day of penticost only Jesus had a perfect incorruptable spirit. At penticost the 120 were baptized in the Holy Ghost and fire. The toungs of fire indicatiing the distruction of thier dead sin spirit, and the SOUND of a mighty wind indication the Holy Spirit giving them a new spirit. This new spirit is the zoe' life of God. It is the same as when the Holy Spirit first breathed into Adam, and overshadowed Mary when Jesus was concived.

NOw that man too had a new holy, perfect incorruptable spirit. God the Holy Spirit could enter and abide in man's new spirit. We become filled with the Holy Spirit. our bodies becomes the temple of the Holy Ghost.

Two seperate thing happned on the same day, so it has been confusing to seperate them.

Water Baptism is in the heart (psuche') There are 4 fuctions to water baptism

1. Bural in to His death
2 Circumcision of the heart to enter into the new covenet with Him
3 Taking on the Name of God, the LORD Jesus Christ, as in a birth or merrage.
4 Resurrection with Him into newness of life.

Ezk.36:26 Tells us the replacement of our heart and spirit.
John 3 tells us of the importance of being born of the water and of the spirit.

It is my conviction that as God widely reveals the truth of a new heart and a new spirit to His church, in a covenent relationship it will transform the church as much as Luther with salvation by faith and the penticostal experance of the last century.

Does anyone else preach this message? The earlyest referance I can find is from Pastor Larken in Philly in 1917.

Rick Yarbrough

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Please give me feed back after listening to these
As Peter preached on the Day of Pentecost, concerning baptism in Jesus name for remission of sin and being filled with the Holy Ghost thru the evidence of speaking in tongues as the Spirit of God gives utterance, is the same message that I and many others are preaching today! As Jesus told Nicademus, in order for a man to enter into heaven, he must be born again. That is the same message that Peter and the rest of the apostles preached, so do I.

thanks Minister Kenon Veals
Glory to God!
Acts 2:38 the gospel of salvation. None like it!
Jesus is our God.
Brother Paul.


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