Have you ever just sat back and thought of what it might be like if all the multiple denominations of the christian faith were to join together as one? Not simply under the basic title of christian,but a unity that is grounded under one solid doctrine and without the separtions and divisions that we can see today within the modern church found in the United States. Ask yourself this question, how many churches can be found within Terre Haute, Indiana ? Now, how many of those churches give themselves the title of Christian? lastly ,ask yourself how many different versions of doctrine do each of these denominations teach? Has the Christian faith in Terre Haute and all over the country became more like a group of multiple faiths rather than one? The Bible clearly states that here is One Lord, one faith, one baptism.( Ephesians 4:5) Have we gone wrong, and if so how can we fix it?

Would'nt it seem impossible for any one body of believers to claim one title and yet all teach a different theory of doctrine? Does'nt that very fact show a division, and if we did finally conclude that we did indeed have a division within the body of Christ would'nt it be imperative for us to work towards a cure? Could we find a way to lower our walls of division and find that common interest that will unite the faith? What measures would we have to undertake to do so, and would all the bodies be willing to do what was nessesary for the unification?

Imagine for a moment the impact the Christian church could have again in our communities. One united body of believers firmly gripped to one doctrine and without the separations. Could the church regain its trust in the communty and to those that are not in the faith, only time would tell. I dont believe I am alone in this thought for all over our country other men and women of God are stepping out and declaring the same thing. They all are saying the same thing and that is we need a reformation of the body of Christ. That we as the members of the body need to find the way back to unification. How many of us will step out and join this mission of unity? Can the churches of Terre Haute Indiana be the town that puts this idea into real action?

Stop for an extra moment today and think about this idea. See if God tugs on the drawstrings of your heart to step out. Believe that together with God we can do anything, can we not ? We can not change the past but we can learn from it. Lets make tomorrow the begining of a mission of unity.

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