If I were to ask you what your stance was on our nations politics, could you answer without delay? What if I were to ask you as a Christian, where you stood in your church politics what would be your response? As a Christian, do you take an active role in such politics within the church, or has such activity, been for the most part left up to individuals you don’t even see? What if God, right now ,was calling you to take such an active role, and begin to work to prepare his “ONE” church for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, are you ready and willing to step forward ? What if the current leadership came up against you, as they did in the time of Jesus, would you still pursue God’s will for you? Let me ask you this, do you feel the church is where it should be at? If not, perhaps this is your call as well as mine?

Church politics are often as bad as or worse than the nation’s politics. Where better for evil to hide and attempt to create an unholy compromise within the faith – amen? Have you even really considered the idea of politics being within the church? How do you think decisions are made? For the most part, church politics are restrained and kept within the separate organizations themselves. Each denomination has within itself a separate structure of leadership in which it is governed.

But what I want to talk about today is how the “church” in general, meaning the church at whole, governs itself. By noticing the pure visual and doctrinal differences within our many churches and denominations we can see that there are many separations within the body of Christ-amen? How, in these many separations I ask, do you feel any real solid and unbiased decisions are made towards the advancement of the Christian faith? Who makes the choices that declare what we as Christians are all about and what we will do as a body, when, by the very evidence of the many separations –it already concludes a most definite confusion in solid doctrine? In such confusion how can proper choices be made and who is in the background making them? Perhaps its time for us to begin forming what will be his pure and spotless bride and I strongly say “I do not believe that phrase is solely spiritual either.” The Word of God says in 2 Corinthians 8:21 (NIV) “For we are taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of men.” I ask this question, do such separations look “right” in the eyes of men – I believe one hundred percent would have to say no. Then there it is ladies and gentlemen, change must come soon – amen. Are you one that God is calling out to help do so?

To create real change, it is often necessary to change those that have been making the poor decisions. Keeping the same people that are making the same choices will in NO way make change for any betterment of good. Often the tree must be shook and the bad fruit shaken down. The problem I believe is that many of us in the church, perhaps even myself at times, let intimidation or ridicule stop us from saying or doing what should be said or done- am I right? We feel in our spirit what I am speaking of right now, but don’t know exactly what we can really do about it, or if we can even help at all. One of the best weapons Satan has used on the body of Christ in the last fifty years or so, is the idea of Christians and the term passivity. Christians have been told to lay low and stay out of the worlds affairs; even it included how the faith was represented to such world. Jesus Christ was not this person. He was a radical in the modern term and was unafraid to stand in front of even the highest in the religious order if he saw evil creeping in. I pose this thought – If we are unwilling to do the same, then are we truly followers of Christ?

In my opinion, far too many people in the church simply go with the flow. Not understanding that any compromise in God’s word is in fact, still changing it-amen? We indeed have many churches, but how many still teach a different doctrine then the other, and thus proving an inability to form one solid true doctrine that we as “one” body can say “this is where we stand”? How does this multiple doctrinal church look to the world?

Do not misunderstand me, we have many great churches and many Christ loving individuals in these churches, but we still have a huge problem as a whole, and it is this problem that I urge each of you to stand against. It is most likely not a problem that is cured overnight and it is most definitely an issue that requires the spirit of God’s intervention. But nevertheless it is a problem that all Christians should want to address. Perhaps this very issue will be the building block upon what will be the church that Jesus is coming back for?

Are you prepared to stand in your call of leadership? Would you lay down your title of denomination to stand in it, if it were required? If you knew the end was near, would that assist in your decision today? The world is looking for real spiritual guidance and I believe only a real united church that knows where it stands, will be able to grant their real needs to them. Are you one that will help lead these lost souls home, will you stand in the chaos that is inevitable to come?

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