Let’s talk about your life, shall we? Have you ever wondered your purpose for being? To find out the very reason you exist, here on earth.  To discover beyond any doubt, the destiny that God had ordained for you from the beginning. Do you seek to know if in fact you are on that right path? What questions run through your mind as you read this? What questions fill your mind as you lie at night and somehow know, that you just aren’t in the right spot God has for you. Perhaps you feel God has something more for you, and you simply haven’t discovered it yet? Are you happy with whom you are, or would you like to see a change? God indeed has chosen a path for each of us; the key in life is to discover it- amen?

 The thoughts that fill our minds are either carnal or spiritual in nature. One will lead us to our destined path, while the other will lead us to our ultimate destruction. Part of the discovery of our destiny, will lie in the process of learning the differences between the two.  One will seek what is best for self, wanting things such as glory, riches, or fame. This is human and we all do it, but if not controlled, it will lead us to a road that even though it may be lined with diamonds, it most always leads to a broken bridge and a very deep fall. This thought is carnal, meaning of the flesh, and nothing in the flesh can please the Lord. If you seek the path God has for you, getting what we call “self “ out of the way, is first and foremost. There may be times when we must even block out the voices of those we love. Though their intentions are well directed, if their thoughts are carnal in nature, then the path they believe you should go, very well might be the wrong one for you.

The Word of God tells us that everything good in us, comes from him. That without his direct intervention we are all destined to a path that will only destroy us. None of us, no matter our education level, or our personal strengths can do any good without his almighty grace. Each and every act of Godliness was done only by his intervention. Don’t ever think you are a “good “person, for the Word of God will tell you, to believe so is carnal and not spiritual.  So how do we know what is spiritual? How do we know if it’s God or not? To understand the spiritual, we must first understand the spirit. The spirit is God, and thus we must learn to understand him. Where do we get that knowledge, the Bible of course and a lot of talking to God himself? It requires us to be willing to subject ourselves to his hand. To truly seek a real relationship with the living God, and not the kind of relationship that likes to place God on a shelf and pull him down when they need him. But one that seeks to walk with him daily.

 All of us want to know why we’re here, and all of us want to have a purpose and a God called destiny. But we must all realize there are two paths. One more traveled down and the other much less so. If you seek the path God has for you, then today you must choose to go after God with everything you have. If not the carnal side will most likely take control and we have discussed where that leads. We cannot go through life wanting the things of God while attempting to walk the fence of both God’s way and of self. We must decide one or the other, or failure is likely in the future.

 Do nothing without praying first. Take no path without listening. Allow God to open the doors. You just simply be there ready to go in, when he does open them. We don’t have to understand everything about God to find him. Trust the fact, if you’re truly searching for truth, God has already found you. Allow him to mold you and to use you for his glory. Remember there are no small jobs for the Lord. Know that this walk is not an overnight thing, it is a lifetime thing. Each day grow in the Lord, seek his hand and the path will begin to light up for you. Mature in your faith, learn to hear his voice and learn to obey it.  Trust this one scripture on your path of salvation. Hebrews 12:2-  looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. What is this saying? It simply means that what Jesus started in you, he promises to finish. Don’t let the Devil discourage you; he is nothing more than a barking dog without teeth.


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