The term religion has had probably the largest effect on societies known to man. With our massive compilation of faiths and doctrines more deaths and destruction have come in what many have claimed ” In the name of God”. I reject many of these claims and though yes it is documented in the word, that God did in fact send his people into war at times, and did order what today would seem to be extremely ruthless actions. The horrid actions of what many in today’s society are claiming to be in God’s name is anything but God’s will, but simply folks using the name of God in vain and placing a seriously bad mark on the real church and of Christianity itself.

Ignorance of truth is the key to chaos and divisions. It is the black magic marker that smudges the stains on trueness and sincerity. It is what tears down families, churches and even societies in a whole. The evil that has been done supposedly in the name of God, tears at the heart of God himself. It is angry people seeking the stamped approval of God to fulfill actions that oppose the very fiber of who and what Jesus Christ is. They are men and woman claiming the title of Christian; yet teach of only hate and division. This my friend’s is not the God I serve. Christianity is about grace, forgiveness, and service to and for the Father, and to the ministering of the people. Notice, I did not say to only Christians, but of the people entirely. Jesus Christ came to save the sinner, not the righteous. If you serve only the saints, then your cup is only half full, and your ministry is at half what it’s called to be.

Brothers and sisters , this ignorance of truth, that plagues our towns, our communities and country has to soon find us standing together with our hands out and declaring that it will be no more. Our united voices must be louder and stronger than those that would mock the spirit led truth of salvation. Peace, harmony and unity, I believe is at the heart of practically every faith in our world. The desire to call each man or woman surrounding you your spiritual brother or sister should be in your heart. If it is not, then there is a problem. That though it may not be possible for every soul to be united in love, the spirit of such love will never stop desiring it nevertheless.

To find the truth of Christianity you must above all things know who Christ is. You must know how and why he walked this earth. You must know his character and his personality as to mold yours to his likeness. If you do not know what his actions would be, then it is impossible to mold your actions to what would be considered “Christ-like”, thus would not be Christian either would it? This truth of Christ, and who he is, would be the key to unraveling the chaos that Satan has so cleverly crafted. The underlining issue that I believe has led to such spiritual misjudgments is the lack of our modern churches, to not only teach of Jesus, but more in their ability to lead them to him. They stay way from such spiritualness and prosecutable doctrine and go with one that perhaps simply yields more members, and less confrontation, yet it also lacks the power and the spiritual guidance we get from the Holy Spirit. A little knowledge without real guidance is never a good thing.

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