In the last 2000 years there has been much change in the Church, and its body. Some changes have been good while others perhaps have not been so good. Through out everything we see God moving in his people to bring light to a lost generation. No matter the mistakes we as humans make, the love of God never fails. God sees to the heart of man, and knows his inner most thoughts and desires. He sees what a person can be, rather than simply what they are now. Through all the changes we have made one thing remains biblically solid. That is the fact that God does not change, and never will.

The same God that walked with Adam will walk with us today if we simply invite him into our life. The same God that stood with Elijah against the 450 prophets of Baal, and consumed the wood alter as the test of the Real God of Israel was shown. He is the same God that brought a child back to life using the same prophet Elijah in 1 Kings 17:22 years before even the birth of Christ. The scripture reads: The LORD heard Elijah's cry, and the boy's life returned to him, and he lived. That same unchanging holy God is the same God we serve today in our churches. Though my friends the spirit is speaking that due to a few bad choices in our changes we have ultimately hindered the God we claim to worship.

 We know that as Jesus was put on the cross he bore the sins of man, and due to carrying these sins the father could not look upon him. In Matthew 27:46 Jesus cries out "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?"  Due to sin even the very Son of God was separated from the Father for a time. How is it then that the Church feels it can fully operate in the spirit if there is sin in the body? Do we not understand that God can’t look upon sin? Yes his love for mankind never changes, but we serve a holy God, and holiness and sin just don’t mix. We need to understand that unlike mankind, what God says he fully means, and he does not and will not compromise his own word. The world’s theory that we must mold doctrine to fit our modern world, and that the Bible doesn’t relate to us now is most definitely a false statement. If we create change that is different from what God has declared then we separate ourselves from him, by treating sin as tolerable or acceptable.

 The modern church I believe is at a crossroad. We must decide what direction we will go as a body. We must find the place where we decide to stand for what we teach, and like God we will not compromise truth for any reason. Please note that when I speak of compromise I am referring to Biblical truth, and not all daily living situations. Often in life we must compromise, but never when it comes to God’s Word. I believe that God is seeking to revive our church bodies. He wants to show us that he has so much more to give, if we will just yield a little more to his will. Take one step to Jesus, and he will take three steps towards you. He is coming soon for his pure and spotless bride. (Church) May his true disciples unite hands today, and walk forward together. We are one body, one faith, serving One God.

Richard A. Kent


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Brother Jaja,

Your word are pure truth because they are quoted from the Word of God. God certainly has blessed you with the talent of making God's Word clear. Continue please doing what you are doing.

Brother Louis


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