Have you ever felt led to do something that others thought was just crazy? Have you ever heard the well used phrase “That’s a good idea, but it will never happen? Or “we have tried that before, and it didn’t work” How many times have great ideas come up, just to be shot down by fear, or lack of faith? Past actions or lack of actions seemly stopped God’s will before being implemented.  Have you ever noticed that often evil works likes this. All evil has to do is get the fight out of you. It uses the spirits of chaos, division, gossip and even the spirit of laziness to create an atmosphere that is unproductive and often harmful.

 Often evil doesn’t even have to completely win, all it has to do is like I said, “Get the fight out of you” If it can accomplish this it has enviably still accomplished its task. We must as the body of Christ be ready to stand and guard against the wiles of the devil. So many people in the Church, in today’s society have grown empathic towards the real things of God. Focusing on what will gain, or keep members and not simply teaching the direct will of God. So many of our churches have lost their spirituality, and today have the phrase “ichabod” (meaning the glory has departed) written on the front doors. They are trying to please the flesh of man instead of supplying the needs of the spirit.

 Where are the Teddy Roosevelt’s and the Martin Luther’s? Where are the Joan of arks and other men and women that will stand for truth and not simply agree with others who sit at the tables of devils? How many God called people have had their fires quenched by the damping spirit of those walking in darkness. How many have stood and watched someone die spiritually and never drawled their spiritual sword and stood in battle for them? Today is the day we decide it will happen no more.  The enemy of God wants a battle; let us bring it to his doorsteps...Amen.

  For the sake of our children and for all those that seek real truth, let each true Christian rise up and be heard. Let each burning heart, burn with a raging fire. Let us begin to sharpen each others swords and begin to prepare to take back what evil has taken from God, teaching the children the trueness of the spiritual things and of the hidden mysteries of God. Let us bring back the holiness and restore not necessarily the churches, but the walking temples, namely us. It is time to rebuild an army of God’s soldiers.  To restore an army that that will unceasingly stand for truth no matter the hordes of evil that comes.

 Today, I ask you to look within yourself and to your spiritual swords. How long have you been in God’s army and how well equipped are you?  Look deep my friends, for our adversary is not a weak one. Could your sword use some sharpening? Do you have a friend that can help you? Could you find someone to help? Are we uniting as we should, or are we still divided? Today is the day of restoration, may each of us find within ourselves the needed strength to answer God’s call.  May today, we decide to lay arguments of doctrines at the foot of the cross, and unite at each others side? We all bow to the same King Jesus, amen, let us rise today as one army, polished and ready for war.


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