Have you ever sleep with the enemy? When I mentioned that, did your mind automatically go to the story of Sampson and Delilah? Well, I think we are altogether TOO HARD on Delilah. She did exactly what she said she was going to do. She never told Sampson that she LOVED him or had his best interest. She told him from day ONE that she wanted to bind him and vex him. The question is, when they told YOU that, did you believe them? Or where you too busy leaning on them to define or confirm you? Were you too busy, laying your low self esteem in their lap? Were you too caught up on your past relationships to listen to what they were really saying to YOU?...because they DID tell you!
People always tell you of what their intentions are, question is, are you listening?

Sampson was sleeping with the enemy and that enemy wasn't Delilah, his enemy was his past; that he could not seem to wake up from.

Sampson's enemy was his identity crisis, that plagued him to the extent that he could not stand to be alone; that he could not seem to wake up from.

Sampson's enemy was his anger, that caused his depression to ultimately lead to his suicide; that he would NEVER wake up from.

Question is, what enemy are you sleeping with?...

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