Everyday we make choices and decisions based on events taking place in our lives. We have a tendency to decide how we are going to approach each circumstance by the visible, tangible evidences that occur which may be advantageous/detrimental to our particular needs. [depending on the circumstance] Say for instance, we need our finances to increase, we look for a job. We need to relocate or movedue to some unfortunate event, [lost a job, death etc.] to another place. What I find that we do in most situations is we make choices and desicions because the future is unknown or uncertain and so, we become fearful to fret by reason of this tragic or threatening problem that is stressing us out and especially if we don't have a clue as to why this is happening or when and if things will get better; especially in a situation whereas there has been a great loss.. The Bible tells us in Prov.3 to pray[acknowledge] God[Him] in all our ways and He shall direct our paths. What if the situation required an immediate response because of a sudden change? What would you do?

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