1 Thess 4:8 Therefore whoever disregards this, disregards not man but God who gives His Holy Spirit to you.


It's saturday. The weekend. This can be a challenging time for those new or old to this walk of CFC(celibacy for Christ). It is social time and church time. We have a higher chance of feeling lonely, depressed and tempted on the weekends. However at any time satan and his workers will try to trip you up. If they see an opening.


Here are your tools. Pray about them. Write them down at least once.


1. Remember who you are. We are not in the flesh but of the spirit. The spirit of God. Romans 8:9. A new self. Col. 3:10. Child of God. the old has passed away, the new has come. 2 Cor. 5:17.


2. Realize this is war. Spiritual warfare. BE WATCHFUL!!! 1 Peter 5:8. Your adversary the devil prowls around seeking to devour. Think about situations, places and activites where satan can possibly trip you up. James 4:7


3. Know your sexual triggers. That's right I said it. We all have them. Make no provision for the flesh Romans 13:14. Sexy secular music. Romance novels(female porn), Porn videos, movies with sex scenes(don't watch or turn the channel for a least 1-2 minutes) flirty phone calls, online chatting with the opposite sex, sexy images in magazines, engaging in sex talk with friends/co-workers. Fantasizing. Some of these things are only appropriate for married couples. For CFC's they are trouble and can cause us to sin. Isaiah 59:2.


4. Do not casual date. There is no place for the title of "my boyfriend or my girlfriend or my friend" God wants us to have spouses. A husband. A wife. Otherwise they are simply "a person of interest". We are not of the world. Be equally yoked, 2 Cor 6:14. If you are dating for marriage, you should only be dating fellow members of the body who have been delivered from sexual sin and practice CFC. Do not be fooled there are many in the body of Christ who fornicate. They are unclean and will corrupt you as they have not brought their flesh under subjection to the spirit. Be careful and watchful. When they realize you will not fornicate with them they will reject you for someone who will. This can cause you great pain or tempt you to forsake or give up on God's way.


5. Have accountability. If you have gotten an answer from the Lord that it is time to be open to your Boaz or Ruth, DO NOT entertain, have meals or anything where you are physically together without having a fellow like-minded believer to stand in agreement with you and be your check in person. The flesh is WEAK WEAK WEAK. No matter how long you have been CFC. I have had many years but know that in those moments of attraction the flesh wants to rule. Matthew 26:41. Call and check in before your date and when it is over(when you have both gone your separate ways). This will greatly lessen your chances of falling into tempation.


6. Keep busy. Pursue your dreams and goals. Idle hands are the devils workshop. God has a good life for you planned. Jeremiah 29:11. You want your Boaz or Ruth to know when they meet you that you are an achiever, a victor not victim. That you are an interesting person who contributes to the the kingdom. Trust me this is very attractive, especailly to men. Even though Boaz was a provider, he was attracted to Ruth because she was a doer even under less than ideal circumstances. And he met her while she was taking care of business.


7. Be ever prayerful of this journey. Luke 18:1 We are nothing without the Lord. We will not have successful relationships without His ways either. We operate under the "Word system not the world system".


Praying for the saints,

Sister NaSheila

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Thank You So Much for posting this to help us along the way. Can I tell you this is so real and TRUE. I thank God for letting us be helpers one to another. I will be making a copy of this for myself and my sisters and brothers in christ. Thanks Again from Sister Shaundra
You are welcome sister-friend. God is Good. Blessings as you spread the word and defeat the devil!


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