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MyPhoneRoom in a nutshell, is a prospect qualifying, prospecting and recruiting service. They take your leads, no matter where they’re from… And they qualify them. Anyway, here are the main features taken straight from the website:
My Phone Room Review

MyPhoneRoom will literally do a 3 way call with you and your prospect AFTER they quality him/her. And… I’ve personally used their 3 way call service and I have to say, they are really cool. They’re not some weird tech support guys from India and they’re not working in an overcrowded call center in the Philippines.
They are AMERICANS who’re genuinely passionate about Network Marketing and know the business like the back of their hands. Seriously, they are actual Networkers and they are closing monsters. They know what to say and when to say it… for maximum conversions.
With your own LEADS, or those we provide, turn those LEADS into RED HOT PROSPECTS and converting them into $$$ for your programs!

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