As money is currency of an economy, faith is currency of the kingdom of Heaven. As in an economy one cannot do without money, equally in the kingdom of God you cannot do without faith. As money is use as a medium of exchange to purchase goods and services in an economy, so kingdom faith is equally use as a medium of exchange to get things from the kingdom of Heaven.

In the kingdom of God;

  • We live by faith
  • Walk by faith
  • Stand by faith
  • We are justify by faith (Rom 3:28)
  • Everything is done according to your faith ( Matt. 9:29)
  • Without faith it’s impossible to please the government of God (Heb 11:6)
  • Faith is a must and not an option (Heb 11:6)
  • By faith we obtain good reports (Heb 11:2)
  • With kingdom faith all things are possible
  • Kingdom faith is stronger than money in that, with kingdom faith you can get everything + money but with money you can get everything minus life( peace, joy, fulfillment, etc).

What is kingdom faith?

Nationally, Faith is simply having confidence in the promises of your government. If you are a citizen of a country and your government promises to employ 25000 people, automatically, unemployed persons will start depositing there applications in response to that promise. Depositing applications is a proof of your confidence in the words of your government or president.

Equally; kingdom faith is simply having full confidence in the promises of the government of God or God and acting according to that promise. For instance, if the government of God or God says ‘you are healed’, you must get up and start behaving or acting as a healthy person. If the government of God says you shall lend to many nations, then get up and start doing what its takes to be a money lender and not a money borrower. If you sit down and don’t take any step then you do not have confidence in the words of God and don’t equally expect to get what was promised. My friend, Have faith in the government of God.

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