Jesus was (is) not a Christian and He was (is) equally not the founder of Christianity.  The disciples were first called Christians in Antioch by observers due their Christ-like manifestation of power. Christianity is a religion and Jesus was (is) not the Founder.  Jesus Christ was (is) a KING and a brought a KINGDOM and not a religion. In his first public statement (Matt.4:17), he said, “Repent for the KINGDOM of GOD has arrive.” He did not say repent for a new religion called Christianity has arrived.

 All religions are one and are seeking for one thing i.e. the KINGDOM OF GOD. Adam lost a kingdom not a religion and Jesus came to restore what Adam lost. Adam did not fall because he changed religion from Christianity to Islamism or Hinduism or Buddhism. NO. The fall of Adam is likened unto A KING who declared independence from a KINGDOM. This crime Adam committed is called High Treason with death sentence as penalty. When he did that, he lost a KINGDOM. He became a king on earth without a kingdom. He was still an ambassador on earth but lost the support of his Country of origin. He was still a king but lost the power of kingship.

  Then came Christ the anointed KING with the KINGDOM that Adam lost and announced to the world, (Matt. 4:17) “Repent (change your mind), I brought back what Adam lost—THE KINGDOM--. From then, he preached and taught nothing else but the KINGDOM of GOD. In matt 6:25-33, Jesus said, Do not worry about you life, what you will eat drink or wear but seek you first the KINGDOM of GOD and his RIGHTEOUSNESS and all this things will be added to you. My friend, it’s interesting to note that he did not say, “Since you are a Muslim or Buddhist seek first to be a Christian and all these things will be added to you.”

So friend, Jesus was (is) not a Christian, nor Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, monist, scientologist etc. and He is not equally the founder of Christianity. He was born a KING (Matt 2:2). Pilate asked Jesus (John 18:33), “Are you are KING (not are you a Christian)? Then Jesus answered, “YES YOU ARE RIGHT.”

Friend Jesus is the KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS.  We are all kings and lords of the earth (NB. not kings or lords over people but over our situations and circumstances). And Jesus is the KING of Kings not KING of Christians. Remain Bless

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