Born again is not a religious term or a church. Born again is a legal term. I was born in Cameroon by Cameroonian parents. That makes me a citizen of Cameroon. If you are born in America then you are an American citizen. There are two ways in which one can be a citizen of a country; i.e. by birth and naturalization (adoption). If you are born in your country of origin, you are automatically a citizen with rights and privileges. Naturalization is an adoption process where a person who is not born in a country is adopted in that country as a citizen base on certain modalities.

Heaven is a country and not a church. The kingdom of Heaven is a nation and not a religion. And how does one become a citizen of a country? He must be born in that country. To freely enjoy and benefit the rights and privileges of a country, you must be born in that country. Equally, to enjoy the rights and privileges of the kingdom of Heaven, you must be born spiritually in it. Jesus used the word AGAIN because man (Adam) was once a citizen of the kingdom of Heaven and lost his citizenship when He disobeyed the government of God. Jesus came to restore citizenship authority to man (you and I), and for that to be possible, man (you and I) must first be born AGAIN. We must first regain our citizenship status in the kingdom of Heaven.

So my friend, Heaven is your original country. You are here on earth as ambassador. To enjoy the privileges and benefits of the government of Heaven, you must first regained you citizenship status.—be born again. Secondly, study the constitution and laws to know your rights and benefits then obey the laws—be righteous and lastly begin to relate and make demands from the government of Heaven. Thanks. Please ask questions. Watch out for part 3.


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