..On this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hades will not overcome it….

The word church is widely misunderstood. The Greek word for ‘church’ is ecclesia. Ecclesia is a governmental term. It literally means ‘called-out-ones’ and was used by the Greek to refer to the senate or other political groups that were chosen by the ‘democrat’ or government.

When the Romans overran the Greek empire, they adopted much of Greek thoughts and concepts and developed them. In the Roman Empire, the senate—the ecclesia—was like the cabinets in our modern democracy. The senate was the powerhouse. These individuals were handpicked by the emperor to receive his thoughts, his desires, his passion, and his intent. Their job was to take the mind of the king and turn it to legislation that could be implemented in the kingdom. In other words, they were to know his mind and see that everything he wished was carried out. This meant that they had to stay in close contact with him. They had to talk to him, and he had to give them information about what he wanted in the kingdom.

In effect, Jesus was saying, “In the same way that Caesar is Lord of his government and has created his senate, his ecclesia, his cabinet, I also will build my cabinets on the fact that I am the Christ—the anointed King—the Lord of lords and son of the living God.” He said to Peter, ‘Upon the rock’ of your confession of who I am, I will build my government. I will build my Senates, My cabinets, my administrators who will carry out my wishes and my will. So Jesus established not a religious group but a political force.

The ecclesia, therefore; is a secret group entrusted with secret information critical for the operation of the kingdom. This group will be so powerful that even the gates of hades will not overcome it. Another way to translate that phrase; ‘the gates of hades will not prove stronger than it.’

From the above understanding, we can draw the following conclusions about the church;

  1. The word church is not a religious term but a governmental term
  2. A church is not a building but ecclesia—called-out-ones—senates, God’s cabinets, administrators and ambassadors. Church is people not buildings.
  3. Nobody can build a church but only Jesus will build his church. In other words nobody owns a church
  4. The original role of the church was to get the thoughts, will, intent, desire and passion of the king and executes (enforce) them in his kingdom and not to prepare people to go to heaven.
  5. Men and women of God are not religious leaders but God’s government officials of the highest order.
  6. The gates of hell cannot prevail against the church (the called-out-ones) that Jesus builds. In other words, no government can prove stronger than God’s government officials. From kingdom perspective, when the governments of the earth are confused, they should run to the church (Heaven’s government officials) to seek for direction.

You are a church my friend. Please can you allow Jesus to build you up? Pleas

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