Our Father in HEAVEN. Hallowed be your Name. You created Africa. You own Africa.

LORD, I want to thank you for this continent you created.  A F R I C A” is the world's second largest continent with a current population of approximately 933,448,292 inhabitants.

Father, Thank you for blessing Africa with great natural and human resources found in 54 States.  Thank you for the Head of States in charge of these 54 States.

LORD, I also want to appreciate you for sending European powers in 1884 to come and colonized and civilized us. Colonization is your idea and you use the European powers to test it on earth and it worked.

I speak British English and I read English law today because of this process of colonization. I drink tea every morning and wear suits, thanks to this colonization process.

Father, thank you for using Dr. Nkwame Krumah in 1957 to lead Africa into independence from colonial rule.

As a continent, we are 50 years of age since we declared independent from colonial rule. We are still to be completely free from poverty, unemployment, economic uncertainty, political instability, inflation etc as continent.

O Heavenly father, I pray that let your kingdom come and your will be done in Africa the same as it is in Heaven. We need your kingdom O LORD. We need your intervention O Father.

Re-colonize Africa with the culture and systems of Heaven. Let what take place in Heaven; let it take place in Africa.

Let your kingdom come in our political, economic, socio-cultural, educational, technological and legal environment. Let your WILL be done in these environments same as it is in Heaven.

Heavenly Father, we need your political system. We need your economic system. We need your educational system. We need your nature and your culture.

Father, turn this DARK continent into LIGHT continent. We need Heavenly intelligence in our educational system, so we could harness, develop and maximize our natural resources for your Glory —Father.

Give us this day our daily bread. Give us this century our century’s ideas and opportunities, O LORD. Raise us up Heavenly Father. Africans cannot do without you O LORD. We need Heaven’s Intervention.

Thank you LORD for answering my prayers

In Jesus Name


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