"Sugar Babies & "Sugar Daddys" On CNN: Is This A Godly Way For A Christian Girl To Get Through College

Sugar Babies & Sugar Daddys - Godly Way To Get Money For  College?

Since this was on TV Sunday night on CNN, what would you advise a young lady in your church to do if the opportunity became available.

Let me explain, CNN had an hour long feature on the burgeoning business called "Sugaring", featuring a web site specializing in  older men with incomes of $ 250,000.00, who were looking for young pretty girls, and young pretty ladies looking for men to bank roll their college tuition or other business ventures.

These men were reportedly not getting sex, but enjoyed the ladies company, enjoyed having a young lady on their arms when they went to events and meetings. Some ladies were being given gifts of $ 4,000 per month, with no strings attached.

A Black woman of age 32 or so, was featured having had a white 
"Sugar Daddy" for the past 9 years.  They had never been intimate but enjoyed each other's company.

This Black woman had a web site where she is teaching other young women how to get their own "Sugar Daddy" which is below:

The Sugar Daddy Formula

What would you tell a young lady in your family or church who wanted to get involved in "Sugaring"?

Please provide your scriptures if possible.

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