The more I study Jesus words line by line, the more I repent daily and the more I pray for the church to repent also. The church is not saved until the world is saved.

Let me show the words in the Lord’s Prayer that open me to this kingdom secret.

Our father…..Give us……forgive us…..lead us…..deliver us……Matt 6:9-12

The connotation ‘our and us’ in the Lords’ prayer denotes the followings:

  • God is our father and not your father. Father in Greek is Abba which means source and sustainer. He is the source of the earth, everybody and everything in it. He is the father of the sinners, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Indus, the poor and the rich etc. The same love He has for you is same love He has for the person you called a sinner or Buddhist or an occult etc. If you come to God in prayers for your personal interest and not the interest of everybody, then according to Jesus, your prayer is wrong.
  • US’ in the Lord’s Prayer connote a community or a society etc. Prayer is citizens making petition to the government on behave of the community. According to Jesus, never go to the Father for personal interest, but go for the interest of the society. Wow! This is tough. Instead of praying Father give me money…you should pray Father give us money….instead of praying Father, deliver me from evil…you should instead pray deliver us from evil…or instead Father prosper me; pray Father prosper us. Why Jesus; because until the community prospers, you are not prosperous. No wonder we pray and don’t have answers.
  • ‘US’ also denotes kingdom law of connectivity. This Law state, “We are all connected to one another.” You are not completely saved until everybody is saved. According to this Law, if you are saved in a family and the family is not saved, then you are not yet save. If you are in a nation and that nation is not saved, then you are not saved because any instability in the nation will affect whatsoever you are doing in that nation. Pastors’ cannot be financially free until their members are financially free. The church is not saved until the world is saved. Any instability is the world, will affect the activities of the church. Therefore for the church to be completely saved, she must ask God to use her to change the world not praying to go to Heaven.

In Africa I have heard bandits breaking in to churches and making away with church equipments. I mean right in church. I think such actions are indications that the church is not yet saved until the world is saved.


Mordecai told Esther, “Don’t think you will be saved in the king’s palace.” Esther was busy enjoying her queen-ship when the lives of her people were as stake. The church is busy decorating and building new buildings when the world in is deep trouble. God help us. World leaders are seeking for solution to the worlds’ problem and the church who ought to provide direction is praying for Jesus to come and take them. God have mercy. The church is not saved. Please your Questions or comments. Thanks


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