I will give you the keys of the kingdom of Heaven, whatsoever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven and whatever you loose of earth will be loosed in Heaven (Matt 16:19)

This simple scripture review the power of the church on earth. According to Jesus, the church should decide what happens on earth and Heaven backs it up. The worse thing is to have power and authority and don’t know it. And that is one of the problems with the church.

The church (you and I) have reduced this scripture to binding and loosing demons. The word to bind simple means to lock/prohibit/stop and to loose means to open/allow. We normally use keys to open and close things. Jesus gave the keys to the church to decide what happens on earth. Keys simple means power, authorization, rights, access, and responsibility. Having the keys of a place means you are responsible for what happens in that place. The church is actually responsibility for happens on earth.

So according to Jesus, the CHURCH has the keys (power):-

  • To decide who becomes the president of a nation
  • To decide what should be broadcast in our media stations
  • To stop or allow bribery and corruption. Good, I like this. So who is responsible for corruption in our nation?—the church.
  • To stop or allow moral decadence
  • To stop or allow homosexuality and lesbianism in our society not ungodly politicians.
  • To regulate the film and music industry (i.e. all the Holly—Nolly—Cooly, Goolly wood)
  • To make and keep peace and resolve conflicts between nations and tribes not the United Nation.
  • To regulate the fashion and designing industry to stop dresses that exposes our nakedness.
  • Add yours…

Are you are kingdom citizen? That is your power. Heaven is waiting on us to decide and they will back us up. Stop waiting on God to come down and manifest His power. His power can only be manifested through you. Get this revelation and step out to stop malpractices in your community. Heaven is waiting on us. Whatsoever you allow on earth, it will be allowed in Heaven and whatsoever you stop on earth, it will be stopped in Heaven. Church Arise!!!


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