How much food do you eat? Spritual food that is.... Do you eat as many meals in the spirit as you do in the natural. This past few months DOZ's bible study dove into the word of God and talked about a new spiritual diet-its time to eat better!


Our challenge: For this current month (and every one after)  we are taking on a new 'diet' challenge.


Week 1 (Sun - Sat)   wake up 15minutes earlier than usual time and spend personal time w/ Our Heavenly Father (quiet time and reading HIS word)


Week 2 wake up 30 minutes sooner than usual and eat spiritual breakfast


Week 3:  is 45min of personal time w/ GOD


Week 4: is 1 full hour


Note the change in your mood, thougths and relationships (especially w/ GOD)


This is is also a time to eat better (naturally) Be careful what you are putting in your temple-both spirit and naturally.


Are you "up" for the challenge? Or are you willing to get up for the challenge


Feel free to write any thing on the wall about how your challenge is going-struggles and triumph.


God Bless you DOZ .....we are KINGDOM children!

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