what "s holding me from being totally free? ,for whom the lord set free is free in deed.







  so many born again belivers battle with being totally free,they are constantly battling a lot of the same battles of bondage.not reciving the   power of  the word free in deed. what  part do in deed play in our

 freedom?      prophetess sharon ruth                                                                  

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Prophetess, Thank you so much for starting this discussion. You are so right - so many born again believers battle with being totally free. One reason we are not totally free is because we are not applying or practicing truth that will make us free. You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32) Knowing truth means understanding truth, practicing truth, and applying God’s word to every area of our lives. Many Christians do not even read or memorize the scriptures. How can we apply or practice what we do not know or understand? This is why the devil seems to be having a field day in the lives of believers. The devil that is supposed to be in bondage has put us in demonic captivity! He is supposed to be under our feet. But he seems to be the one ruling over us, manipulating, and exploiting us. He is hi-fiving his demons because of our ignorance!
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). The devil wants to keep us ignorant of truth so he can keep us bound. He understands that if we know truth, we shall no longer be in bondage. In order to walk in total victory, we have to be willing to study the word of God and apply it to our lives regardless of the kind of society we live in today. God’s word does not change. Only God’s truth will make us free.
Another reason Christians struggle with a lot of things is because we are still eating, fellowshipping, and sleeping with the enemy. We have all kinds of unresolved issues of anger, rejection, bitterness, emotional wounds and other plethora of unresolved issues deeply embedded in our hearts. We try to bind demonic forces and their activities in our lives and they do not seem to bulge. Why? We have an open door! Our unresolved issues gave them access! We have issues in us that belong to them. Jesus said, “Satan has found nothing in me.” Why? The devil could not find any thing in Jesus to use against Him. The devil is utilizing all our unrepentant sins, unresolved issues, things that are out of control, things that are unhealed, things that are unguarded, areas we have not yielded to the Lord against us. He is using those very things we are hanging unto to exploit, harass, intimidate, and cripple us. Until we rid ourselves of everything that belongs to him, you think he will leave us alone? We need to come to a place of contriteness, a place of brokenness where we humble our self before God and repent before Him and begin to live a life of holiness and obedience. We need to hate sin as God hates sin. We need to “put off”, “cast off”, “renounce”, “denounce” every ungodly thing in our lives. We need to pray daily, By the blood of Jesus, let every seed of sin, every ungodly seed bearing bad fruits in my life wither and die in the name of Jesus. For these are the open doors the devil is using to gain access into our lives to exploit us. Once these open doors are closed, the devil can no longer enter to exploit. The devil is very legalistic. He has the right to enter into a carnally minded Christian that is passive about the things of God, one that is lukewarm and inconsistent, one that is double minded. Yes, the devil will attempt to exploit a “yoyo” Christian or a “roller coaster” Christian – one that is up one day, down the next, happy one day, sad the next, believes in God one day, doubts Him the next, has one leg in the kingdom of God, and the other leg in the kingdom of darkness. Why? He or she has no tangible “fruit” to wade off the devil or take authority over him. Yes, Jesus has destroyed ALL the works of the devil. But when we are aiding and abetting the enemy by allowing him to manifest in and through us the very works that Jesus came to destroy; how can we walk in total victory?
Another reason Christians are struggling is because of foundational problems, generational curses, self-inflicted curses, evil covenants, occult associations, and so many other problems in our family roots or bloodline. Normally, we try to get rid of the “fruits” when the “root” of our problem is still intact. We need to go back at least 10 generations from the past and begin to break generational curses, evil covenants, demonic strongholds, and household wickedness from our bloodline. We need to begin to repent for generational sins that have been transferred to present generation. We must begin to use the blood of Jesus to cleanse the pollution in our lives and in the lives of our children. We can no longer be silent or pass the buck. The buck must stop with us! We must identify and rid ourselves of generational junk so they are not transferred to our children and future generations.
If you have repeated warfare in your life, ask the Lord to reveal the root of your problems. You will be amazed at the things that He will begin to expose. Pay the price to get healed, delivered, and set free so your children will not suffer the consequences of your poor choices.
God is a restorer. If we are honest about our sins and unresolved issues and reach for repentance, deliverance, and healing, He will restore and help us to walk in victory. But we must study and apply His truth. We must begin to use truth to expose the devil’s lies, share unconditional love to conquer hate, utilize faith to overcome fear, practice forgiveness to erase bitterness, apply tolerance to anger, reach out rather than isolate our self, establish healthy boundaries to demolish the walls that we have built out of anger and hurt. The solution is in His word. As we begin to seek His face to show us the root of our struggles, He will give us divine answers. As we study His word to become familiar with His truth; as we apply His truth to our lives, we shall be truly free indeed. - Bridget Bazunu


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