Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

It's called TRANSLITERATION. That is when you take the words or letters from one language and mixing in with words or letters of another language, to create whatever it is you want to create.

It all started with the Greek word IESOUS. Many people think that this is a name, but it's only a word. It is the Greek word for the meaning of YESHUA. YESHUA means salvation. When Mary named our Savior Yeshua, Prophecy was fulfilled from Isaiah that he shall be named Emmanuel, which is, God with us. IESOUS means Jehovah is salvation. The Greeks had this word for the meaning of Yeshua and God with us. But it is not a translation of the NAME, YESHUA. Again, it is the word for the meaning of the name Yeshua.

Now when the Romans, through the Council of Necea got their hands on the letters, epistles and scrolls for the purpose of canonizing a Bible, they immediately went into political battle. Aside from fighting among themselves with titles ( doesn't that sound familiar), naming themselves every title found in the epistles and the scrolls, and when that didn't do they made up some titles ( again, doesn't that sound familiar), as Romans had always done, they decided to improve upon the son of God.

Their first reality was that the son of God could not be Jewish. So they completely did away with his name. They made no attempt whatsoever to translate his name. They made no attempt whatsoever to translate the Greek word IESOUS. Instead, they simply TRANSLITERATED the Greek word IESOUS. Are you ready for this:

They replace the letter "I", With a Latin letter "J". Then they simply removed the letter "O". There it is folks J E S U S. Jesus. That's how the Romans came up with that name. There was no thought about it, no praying about it, no attempt to translate the name of Yeshua. These ROMANS created an Anglo-Saxon God and simply INVENTED the name of JESUS.

Then they created a graven image the go with and that is the very picture of Jesus. We know today; a tall, muscular, long haired, blonde, blue-eyed, Anglo-Saxon male.

So do you still insist that the name of the son of God is Jesus? YOU MUST REALLY LIKE CHOCOLATE PIE!  If you do you deserve your fate.

As far as Christianity being of the devil is concerned, it seems to me that the very nature of the conversation between Felix, Festus, King Agrippa and the apostle Paul would be indication enough to demonstrate that this word wasn't being used to edify or to exhort anybody. This word was being used to insult and to belittle. Add to this the fact that Christians were a sect that began as far back as 200 B.C., and were known as believers of unholy God's and graven images. So when King Agrippa said when he said to Paul, he was insulting Paul, disciples and the Lord Yahweh himself.


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Greetings Bro. Azikiwe, first I want to respect your prerequisite for responding to your blog by informing you that I am a DISCIPLE and I consider myself a christian, thus being CHRISTLIKE.  So before I respond to your explanation of scripture, I wanted to be polite and ask you if it was alright.  I generally would not ask permission, but I wanted to respect your requirement, because you felt the need to say ONLY Disciples and NO Christians allowed.  I shall remain waiting.


In Love Sister Denise

Come on in here girl, the water is fine. I'm talking about the water the word with which we are to wash and disciple one another. Now, I must warn you, that there ain't nothing served up in here but meet and sometimes that meet is pretty raw and rare.

So since you brought it up, perhaps we need to address this matter of Christian meaning Christ like. Go have a gander at the following:


also Denise, the word Christian does not mean Christ like it never did and never will. When we seek to translate the word Christian in our modern day acquisitions, the first word, we will find is CHRISTIANOS, which means followers of Christ or followers of Yeshua. But this is an abbreviated word for the original word which was CHRISTIANOSIOS, which means followers of Yeshua, a false prophet of an unholy God.in the link I share with you a few moments ago you will also discover that the word Christian belongs to a sect that went as far back as 200 BC. They were known to believe in unholy things, unholy God it's, idols, graven images. Over time the word Christian, became synonymous with ANYONE who believed it in something that was unholy.when the word of God says in Acts 11, that "the disciples were first called Christians at Antioch",he is referring to the fact that the disciples of Yeshua were labeled with this 200 year old identity.

if you believe the word, then you have to believe that when God said in Isaiah 65, you shall be known by another name, and if you know that name is the word disciple, which means learne, then you have to accept that God did not change his mind. He did not decide to call us disciples, then change his mind and decide to call us Christians. If you believe the word when the He says, the disciples were in first called Christians at Antioch, then you have to believe that it was not God calling of disciples questions. Again is not what you believe it's who you believe. Either you believe the false teachings that you been under for all these centuries, or you believe the word of God. It's not rocket science.

If you read in the Word of God that Festus King Agrippa and his court was seeking to insult the disciples, and if you read in the book of Peter that he had to minister to the disciples not to be ashamed, then you have to believe the word that the word Christian was an insulting word that the disciples were ashamed of. It's not what you believe it's who you believe. Do you believe the word or do you believe tradition? And even if you do not know the true origin and meaning of the word Christian, which by the way is CHRISTIANOSIOS; "Yeshua a false prophet of it on the holy God", if you believe the word of God then you know that God did not change his mind and decide that instead of calling his people disciples that he would instead call them Christians. God did not change his mind.

Greetings Bro. I am truly smiling at your rhetoric and your no nonsence of tradition and your impicable dictionary of meanings of words that you hold so dear to your heart.  But please, don't rule my intellect on your knowledge of words nor my understanding or lack thereof of certain words.  In all honesty they are just a mere tool I use to get my point of views across in hope of the my dialog is understood and what I try to convey.


When I say I am a christian (christlike) thats my descriptive term I use to point the listener in the direction I need them to understand me from.  I don't want to misrepresent myself in no other way other than I am Christ Like in the sense of following after Jesus Christ and the way He lived according to the scriptures in fellowshipping with mankind.  As I would not say I am Angelic, because that to me respresents an Angel or some other type of entity, which I don't want, so I say ChristLike and I am understood.   Yes, I believe when "God said" and yes I know that God do not change, not sure about if He will change His mind though, because according to His Word, He changed His mind a few times, especially when dealing with man.  My brother, you must be very careful in how you present Gods words, especially if you are trying to deliver the rightly divided word of God.  Rev. 22 speaks of this.  Don't get hung up on labels of RELIGION, thats all it is.  A label to detect the way of life one lives according to their beliefs, which enables them to partake in the rituals thereof and ALL religions have their stuff.  But to know God and His provisions that He set for the sinful world that He even repented that He ever created, Genesis 6 speak of....He provided a savior to the world.  One that loved His brothern so much that He laid His life down.  And that if one confessed and believed, they would be saved from the sinful world. 


I must also let you know that I believe in the ENTIRE word of God.  I study to show myself approved and to rightly divide that word - even if it exposes me, because it is a cleanser and this is where I get cleansed, by the renewing of my mind, by cleansing it with the WORD of GOD and not through dialog.  There are many books such as the Torah, Quran, Mormon, Hebrew etc., which highlights for the different religions, but I prefer the Holy Bible KJV, that is just my preference.  There are many languages Spanish, French, Italian, etc, but my preference is English although I know "Ne How" in Japanese, I still say How are you in english and 1-20 in Spanish, still count one, two three etc.  I do know that you can't get religion mixed with the word, because you get division, this is why you have so many people divided.  But to God be the Glory, He promises to give the increase and with that increase will come the knowledge of His word.  He told Moses, I AM THAT I AM.  


So, my Brother, I pray that God will knock you down like He did Saul, before He was Paul and enlightened you to His true Word and that you are persuaded like Paul.  Paul was a persecutor of the people of God, until God persuaded him.  When I read your rhetoric, it took me to the road of Saul before he became Paul.  We are all disciples when we rightly divided the TRUTH.  Graven images can be thoughts of superior nature of knowing, you must be careful.


By the way, my name is Rochelle Denise...it is french, bless my mother, I was her first daughter and she retrieved my name from the baby book they gave her in the hospital.  I heard that it means Battle Cry, Little Rock, somewhat is descriptive of my personality...smiling....but who knew, I don't think she did.  When God gave Adam the privilege to name every creeping thing, who know what the ant would mean or did.  I say this to say....words are instrumental and can be a tune of anykind.  But the Word of God IS.  And I say that to say, you can obey His Word, accept His Son, and Love Others as you do yourself or you can reject it, it is a choice that He has given EVERY man.  I pray that you accept, because God wishes that no one perish.  So, when you talk to a person you don't have to see them as a religion, but as a creation of the creator.  Let God be God, He draws ALL men unto Him, even the Sauls of this earth.


In Love Sister Denise

A Rochelle, speaking of being knocked down like Saul, I tell people all the time, I did not receive salvation, I got saved. One of these days I might share with you my Saul/Paul born-again experience.

Not just in this ministry, and sharing that I have posted here, but in many other ministries. I have given over these many years, wherein there is the danger of hell's fire, I have often said, I hope I am wrong. For like the father God, I would that no man should perish. But my senses have been exercised by the diligent study of the word, for the sole purpose of showing myself approved unto YHWH.

As a result, he has been faithful to reward my diligence. As Monk would say, I may be wrong, but I don't think so. In either case I choose to let the word be my first and final authority. If the WORD says, that YESHUA is the name that is above every name, then I'm not likely to support the use of any other name as given by men. And if the WORD says, that there is NONE other NAME other than YESHUA by which we shall be saved, I'm going to trust the WORD, and I'm not going to follow the crowd on that wide road to destruction.

Peter thought he was being helpful when he told Yeshua, "no, this can't be", upon hearing that Yeshua was going to have to die the death of the cross. But Yeshua discerned that these apparent earnest words were in fact not coming from Peter, but rather were coming from the enemy. I hear you when you speak about the labels of religion, but the fact is Christianity is a religion. Christians want to say that it is a way of life. But even within the operation of the so-called church, that is not a way of life short of being a member of the body of Christ, which is set in the church. And Christianity is not the church, so it is even further away from being a way of life.

No doubt you words. Oh well intended as far as you are concerned, but again my senses have been exercised, and I am filled with the studied and rebuild the word of God, and that word is a discerner of the thoughts and the intents, and I know that the intention of Satan is to keep all of us in darkness.for this is the condemnation; not sin, not even disobedience; for as you have shared God has adjusted how he deals with us throughout the different dispensations ( I hesitate to say that he has changed his mind), but it is being outside of the light that puts is in danger of hell's fire, and it is the lack of knowledge that causes us to perish.

And in this life, failure to diligently examine the word and the law of God makes even our prayers an abomination. So I encourage you to take the information that I have shared and research. It for yourself, because by the words you have shared here. It is clear that you have not even made that attempt at all. I leave you with this Scripture:

Proverbs 8:9   He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer [shall be] abomination.

It is interesting Jaja, that you mentioned Provergs 8:9, since Christians accuse Paul of rejecting YHWH's law.

However from Paul's own mouth, he stated TWICE that he believed in and had never violated the law, which would have included the 7th Day Sabbath!

Note below:

Acts 24:14

"But this I admit to you, that according to the Way which they call a sect I do
serve the God of our fathers, believing everything that is in accordance with
***the Law*** and that is written in the Prophets;



Acts 25:8

Paul argued in his defense, “Neither against the ***law of the Jews***, nor against
the temple, nor against Caesar have I committed any offense.”


Paul OBVIOUSLY was not a Sabbath breaking, swine eating, Christmas keeping Christian.

He not called a Christian in his trial in Acts 24,  his enemies said:

""We have found this man to be a troublemaker, stirring up riots among the Jews
all over the world.

        He (Paul)  is a ringleader of the Nazarene sect"  Acts 24:5

Why pray tell was he not called "Ringleader of the CHRISTIANS"????

Greetings Bro. Jaja, you are so very correct when you say "but it is being outside of the light that puts is in danger of hell's fire, and it is the lack of knowledge that causes us to perish", because John 8:12 tells us that and John 1:4 is very clear on that.  So then we must continue in that light if we want to escape the danger of hell's fire.  God said it, I believe it and that settles it for me.


Failure to diligently exaine the word and the law of God? huuuuumm...who are WE to question God?  Either you believe that His Word is true or you don't.  Either you believe man is more capabable and powerful than God or you don't.  I dare not to question God, I truly put my trust in HIM and know that HE will never leave nor forsake me.  That HE will guide me to HIS truths through HIS Word.  Man's nature has been in rebellion since the fall of Adam, questioning the maker of ALL things, questioning the question maker so to speak.  This is the danger...this is the danger of not TRUSTING GOD to be who HE say HE is and that is the I AM.  Matt. 11:28-30 invites us to the humble environment of TRUST.  And Gen. 3:1 gives us the first example of questioning Gods Word and verse 5 shows us that when Gods Word is twisted it can be appealing, but there is danger.  So yes, you are very right when you say....being outside of the light puts us in danger, when the Word of God clearly tells us that Jesus is the Light and when we are outside of His teachings we are dwelling in darkness. 


As I told you I study to show myself approved through HIS WORD, which I also told you I prefer the Holy Scriptures (KJV) and I have no other source when I submit myself humbly before God and allow HIM to reveal whatsoever He reveals inaccordance to my study at the time.  I read HIS inspired Word without question, because who am I or anyone to question Him.  Now, not to say I have never read any other spiritual books, because I have.  They all tend to lead to the same divine God head.  But when it explains what God said or intended it to say is the real problem.  Then you get into the ring of who wrote what and when they wrote what and what this meant and what that meant.  Which brings us back to Gen. 3 and its affect questioning Gods Word.  When Gen. 1 tells us In the begining God created and as you go through verses 2-31.  So, in conclusion...God said it, I believe it and that settles it for me.


And to this end, I leave you once again with John 14:1-6, and John 15:13 especially.  Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.  And on that note I can say thank you Jesus for your ultimate sacrifice.  So I continuously will pray that God continue to bless you and yours and that He continues to draw ALL men unto HIM.  John 6:44 and 45.


In love sister Denise

God stuff Sis. You are truly a DISCIPLE of YHWH. As far as the KJV is concerned, I have shared the HISTORY of the origin of the name of JESUS. Yahweh is quite serious about His Name(s) and most serious about the NAME of His Son. Perhaps you might want to get your hands on the RESTORATION OF THE SACRED NAMES BIBLE. I hope you can link into this info on my site GOD'S ELECT NETWORK (godselectpeople.ning.com).


wow Guys I just found out the Hebrew version of my first and middle name is Malachi Netanya now I would certainly have no problem being call my Hebrew name if my Hebrew friend choose to call me by it in fact Malachi like Angel is a no gender name and the meaning is the same which ever language you look at it.  So all these people going around claiming that ones name does not change from language to language is pulling the wool over your eyes, for instance we say John in English but in italian Jovanni.  Guys get over the name He will answer to Jesus just as much as Yeshua

Can you say Yahushua? Of course you can! Thank means you have NO LANGUAGE OR SOUND BARRIER! So why are you calling the Messiah OUT OF HIS NAME! YOU ARE WITHOUT EXCUSE!

So you have given permission for us to say your name differently. Cool. NOW SHOW ME IN THE WORD WHERE ELOHIM OR YAHUSHUA GAVE PERMISSION TO CHANGE THE MESSIAH'S NAME!

YOU WILL PERISH! But that will be the last thing you will be thinking about of the day of judgement. Perishing will be the least of your concerns. IT WILL BE THAT YOU ARE BEING LEFT THAT SHALL BRING FEAR TO YOUR SOUL!

Jaja God don't mind us calling His Son Jesus only you mind Jaja and you are not God. You arenot God jaja and you cant go aroun d forcing me to do things because God believes in people having the choice he does not want anyone by force because when people do things by force there is no cooperation. Get it satan do things by force not God. God wants his body to work in perfect unity, to be pure spotless and clean, everyone cooperating and working as His body, noone being force to do because slaves are force, slaves are whipped into doing things. 

Stop trying to think you are the only one who has truth because God is the truth not you, you are not God, Jaja you are pushing a lot of people away, you are trying to kill people that is not of God God is a God of love. 

Stop trying to force people into things , stop trying to kill people, because that is what satan does and if you have ever met the Son of God believe me you would not want to destroy people, you would not want to treat them the way you are doing.

The Argument Over A Name

Our Saviour Hebrew name is Yeshua but I am not Hebrew so I am happy to call Him by His English name Jesus, which is the name I called upon and He save me and the Holy spirit have not convicted me when I call the Saviour Jesus, in none of my dreams or visions I have of Him has He ever condemn me or refuse to answer to the name of Jesus.

God is and was the one who confound all our language so I don't believe he is going to beat us up over the name plus Yeshua is the name of the Son yet when Jesus was in ministry here on earth he did not say he came in his own name he said he come in His fathers name John 5:43 and the father is not Yeshua, the father is I AM - Yahweh (YHWH). 

When Moses ask what name should I tell the people that sent Him he was told tell them I AM (YHWH) sent him not Yeshua.

When the angel appear only Mary and Joseph was giving the name Yeshua. During Christ Ministry he constantly refered to himself as I AM (YHWH) the fathers name even when he was ascending he did not say Yeshua will be with you always he said I AM (YHWH) will be with you always Matthew 28:20. 

People if calling the Saviour Yeshua was such a big deal Christ would have been using that name instead check it He use His Fathers name, I AM (YHWH) the way, I am (YHWH) the bread of life etc

I think satan has come amongst us trying to tie us up in confusion so we will take our eyes off our Saviour. 

Let us stop this nonsense and come into realisation of what is important and that is that we know who the Saviour is, that before the beginning he was with God and through him and by him and for him the world was made and that he who was in the beginning with God came born of women conceived from the seed of the Holy Spirit to be among us being fully man and fully God, He died for our sins, and was risen on the third day to give all who believe in him everlasting life.

People there has only ever been one such as him so God will recognise who we refer to whether we call him by Jesus or Yeshua.

As long as we don't allow ourselves to be fooled into thinking he is the blue-eyed blond picture because none of us know what He physically look like and it is by his voice we will know him not by his name or his looks. 

The word says my sheep know my voice not my sheep know my looks or my name none of us have a description of of his physical look or if he will come having a colour and if we believe we do that is where we will get deceived because when the evil one comes the word says even the elect will be deceived. 

So people let us ignore the tactics of satan and look to our Saviour, concentrating on hearing him through his word and forget what he looks like and get away from the useless argument over the name because it is not by his name or by his look we will know him it is by His VOICE.


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