John 5:43 I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.
44 How can ye believe, which receive honour one of an
other, and seek not the honour that [cometh] from God only?

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Greetings Bro. Jaja:  How can you quote scripture and bring it to your edifying of your understanding and not take the whole chapter in which Jesus speaks?  How can you ignore verse 32 or even begin where John begins telling about Jesus John 1 29-36?


What is it?  You want your readers to call Him Yeshua?  That is just dialec, cannot use the word of God to point people in the way of dialec or any language.  The focus should be on if a person know who God IS.  And that He sent His son, that one can receive everlasting life and that this life here on earth is not Gods original plan for man.  That He sent His Son to reconcile man back to Him, because He love us so.  The division that quoting scriptures out of text to bring about a fleshly desire that one believes like another or speaks like another is not right.  This should not be so.  What happens to 1 Timothy?  When I go to the Father in Yeshua's name will that make a difference?  The arabs call God Allah, that arabic.  I call HIM I AM....God, My Father, MY ALL and ALL, that does not make God ignore me.  He examines the heart.  It is not what goes in a man that defiles him, it is what proceed out of his heart.  Examine your motives my brother and see why it is so important for you to have blogs such as this.  Is it really edifying God or your knowledge of an original language that you feel is important for one to know.  God has no time for such foolishness, when He just seeks obedience and that is to LOVE GOD with all thy mind, heart and soul and to love one another and there is where ALL the laws exist.  Obedience in love and not strife to be right or wrong, God has already done that He created good and evil.  And evil was okay in Gods presence, it was until man had it that it spread because man thinks he knows as much as God now, remember that is what the serpent told the disobedient one.


I pray your strength in the Lord and that you continue to be drawn nigh unto HIM.

P.S.  And that point in scripture Messiah is not prophesying or warning about the fake name of Jesus.  That is twisting scripture, put the whole chapter and what He is talking about.  1 Timothy speaks of this kind of teachings.


In Love Sister Denise

Denise: first of all first verse 32 is talking about the father Yah as the witness to, for and of Yeshua. Considering that the name JESUS was easily 325 years away from being invented and created, there is no doubt that the father Yah was talking about the only name by which we shall be saved; his only begotten son YESHUA.

Personally I don't care what you or anybody else calls the son of God. I don't care if you or any of the rest of the Christians do or do not figure it out. I do care about all people not perishing, but I do not spend any time trying to convince anyone of anything. As I told you the first time I responded, you sound like one who studies, but you also sound like one who has chosen not to investigate this information, or you have investigated and you have still decided to make it not be true. There's nothing I can do about that. And again, I don't care.

I don't have any motives other than the see to it that as many people with EARS TO HEAR have the opportunity to come to the light. If you don't want to come to the light stay right where you are. If you decide to investigate the information I shared with you. get back with me. Otherwise, as far as you and I concern this subject is moot

Bro. Jaja, precisely as you have stated, you don't care.  But it is not about you nor is it about when, how long, if you know when or how the name Jesus was invented or created.  It is about accepting the only begotten, confessing, believing that He died and rose as the Savior of this world.   It is God that draws all men unto Him.   Allow the Spirit of God to do what saith the Lord, guide all men unto the truth.  Staying with your scripture John 16 explains who will guide to the truth.  I beg the differ when you say you do not spend any time trying to convince anyone of anything.  Your posts/blogs are contrary to that statement.  You take partial scripture to edify your understanding and quote definitives.  Such as "YESHUA PROPHESIED AND WARNED US ABOUT THE FAKE NAME OF JESUS! John 5:43-44" which is clearly how you spent some time starting this post/blog.


Rev. 3:22 ... those that have ears, let him hear what the SPIRIT has to say.


Not doubting your study either, but Let go and let God and take the "I" out.  In consideration for your post, I did take the time to read your information, this is how I came to the conclusion that it isn't edifying God, but mans understanding of his interpretation of what God means rather than allowing the spirit of the Lord to lead and guide to His truths.  In respect to your "otherwise", I shall remain moot on this subject also.


In Love Sister Denise

Denise, when I say I don't care. I mean that I am basically following the instructions of Yeshua. When it comes down to the ministry of his word, will, and plan of Yah.

Matthew 10:14 And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.

I just got to talking with another brother on Facebook about the origin and the knowledge about demons. He has referred me to a couple books in the word and I read them. In trying to learn about what he sharing I had to tell him ,I HAVE NOT STUDIED THIS! I am in the process of learning. In this instance because the fact is I HAVE NOT STUDIED THE SUBJECT.

One trait that is predominate in the and demonically controlled religion of Christianity, is that Christians want to challenge what they hear without ever studying it. And the fact is, unless you study it for yourself you don't have a clue as to what you talking about. At best, you're making EDUCATED guesses. And I say educated guesses. In your case because is clear you do study the word. But when it comes down to this particular subject matter I'll see that you Ghanaian and done your research.

This is a historical fact. The deeper I dug to try to make this not be true, because I went to the same thing that you're currently going through, the the worse it got. The difference between you and I is that once it was presented to me, and I have to admit it came from self-study as opposed to someone tell me, I dug deeper to make it not be true. I didn't just decide Otto willful ignorance that it wasn't true, I sought evidence, information and knowledge to make it not be true. The end result is that I found EVERY WORD OF IT TO BE TRUE.

On a spiritual level. I can see that you haven't arrived yet but that's okay. You are depending greatly on grace for a believe in Jesus to be okay Yah. I am depending on faith in the word. The word is the word. He is not going to change because we want something to be or not to be. It is what it is.When Moses asked Elohim who should I say sent me, Ya said, I AM THAT I AM! fax not going to change! Yah is who he is.

 In 2 Timothy 2:15 it says, study to show yourself approved. That word approve is the Greek word DOKIMOS. It basically means to be approved by God as to know God. It is used particularly in the acceptance or rejection of counterfeit coins. We are counterfeit if we don't have knowledge. He warns us in Hosea, if we reject knowledge he will reject us. He warns us that we are destroyed for the lack of knowledge and that the people perish for the same reason. Isaiah wants us that we become captive, and even the rejoicing we do when the name of Jesus is considered iniquity, because we worship, and we rejoice amiss. In that same book of chapter 5 in Isaiah, in verse 14 it says. Because of this lack of knowledge hell is enlarging herself.

It is not WHAT you believe, it is WHO you believe.when I think about all the things I used to believe that it turned out to be wrong, incorrect, heresy, understated and misinformation, I have to take pause with myself and anyone who concludes that they have somehow arrived at an ultimate truth. Even in the process of my finding out this information about the invention of the name of Jesus, and how much importance Yah puts on his name, I have come to learn that the name of God is more accurately stated as Yah. The growth continues. But you have concluded that it is simply enough to believe what you believe then to even consider that there is more.

I hold three undergrads a Masters and doctorate. Two of those undergrads are in theological studies as is the case with the Masters and the doctorate. And I have been ministering the word but 34 years. Yet compared to the revelation that I have gained over these years, through and by the word of God, I consider all that work, that education and those degrees to be virtually worthless. I'm just like Paul, I considered to be dung. This breathing living entity called the word of Yah, has the potential to reveal far too much for us to come to the conclusion that something is okay with God because we wanted to be okay.

Yah says, we confess unto salvation. Again the word confess means to agree. Well the reality is Yah did not raise Jesus from the dead, he raised Yeshua from the dead. And while I am using Yeshua presently in this conversation I have since learned of a more accurate way of pronouncing and spelling his name, that represents Yah's name within Yeshua's name. By way of further scriptural and spiritual understanding, Yeshua's name means salvation. The tag that was created also by these Roman man of "the anointed one", so that the name Jesus would have a meaning, does not separate Jesus from the rest of us. Any of us can be anointed, but only one of us can be salvation itself.

There is no "I" in what I am sharing or my motives. And I truly believe that you believe that your intent in your ministry to me is good, loving, and of God. But the fact is, you sound just like Peter when he contradicted Yeshua telling him how and why he would have to be crucified on the cross. Peter's intentions were good and loving. But they were not of God. In fact Yeshua spoke to the subtle  (sensible) spirit that his protest was coming from; he told Satan to get hence. I won't bother to speak the Satan in this discourse to you, but once I hit send. I am straight up to tell that dude to leave you alone.


PS, if you find some typos in your is primarily because I am again using my Dragon dictator program and it does not necessarily and/or always print exactly what I say and I was talking a little fast this morning, and yada yada

Bro: Jaja: LOL yada yada yada allows me to continue this dialog, because I found humor in your conclusion. Thanks for your explanation of why you feel the need to clarify what the Christians demonically controlled religion is and your conclusion of its whole organization. But again, I'll refer you to my previous conversation with is not about religion or a belief for ME. My faith of the substance of the unseen has brought me to the conclusion of TRUSTING in HIM. When I was a child the word was brought to me via a Jehovah witness, because they were the only ones bold enough to knock on someones door and bring their views. Which led me to greater studies, such as Hebriac, Islam and up until 3 years ago the Torah. Islam was more interesting than them all, because they were more of a template of how religion was accomplished through ones belief. And I concluded that ALL religion was just a way that someone lived their life. Either refraining from something, worshipping an image, praying a certain way or at a certain time or just down right idolaltry of graven images of ones thoughts and mind. I will not list an educational background in theology, because that is not my goal here to give reason for my conclusive end of why I believe in God. It is my faith that He IS, that HE exist and that HE is greater than ANYTHING I could ever imagine. See, it was 2 Corinthians 4:2, but the whole chapter is of affect. Throughout the years, I have done much studying and it made me realize that questioning Gods word was a very dangerous road.  Because God IS the Word, the seed of life.  Gods word will not return to HIM void and that word is life for mankind.  Questioning it brought about death to those who dared to go that path and not OBEY, BELIEVE and TRUST God at what HE said.  Trust that He would NEVER leave or forsake.  Trust that His creation is not nor never will be His equal, but only image.  Which always led me back to Genesis 3 and the story of questioning Gods word. Believe me my brother questioning Gods word is not a new thing for men of this earth, but it is a dangerous and dark place, which leads to destruction and ultimately death, which HIS word clearly tells us that the wages of sin is death and when you indulge in disobedience to HIS word there is an ultimate price. God and HIS almighty powers has drawn men even before scrolls were written and He walked and talked with man.  By the disobedience of one man, death came upon all. But HE promised He would send HIS spirit to lead and guide us to HIS truths. Now studying is a vehicle of obedience to instructions given which leads to the promises of God. How will Gods spirit dwell inside of man when man won't obey? We know that God is HOLY and does not lie. The who is the liar? If we say that scripture is the inspired word of God then question it, who is the liar?  Especially if we can have the thought that a mere man can change the word of God when God clearly say HIS word will not return to HIM void.  God is bigger than man, Gods omni presense know ALL things, even when man try to change HIS words like you continuously sound off.  But, God IS bigger than can't on one hand think HE is the I AM and think that a mere conspiracy of mere men can change HIS word and be affective.  Who shall you believe?  If we say that God is the I AM and then think man in his own conyving and deceitful ways is more powerful than the I AM, then who do we believe? One minute one will say that God is power and the almighty, creator of ALL things, but then we give man more credit in the establishing of a world that God created. Whom do we really believe. Man has to seek out things, God does not. If then, so is God that so minute that He allows the will of man to become more than HIS will? We can seek knowledge in places farther than we exist, but if the knowledge does not come from God, who says HIS spirit will lead and guide us to ALL truths then we will remain in the idolatry state of image worship. The image of what we seek to justify the justifyer, the image of what the creator means than what the creator say.  God said it I believe it and that settles it for ME.  I TRUST God that HE will lead me to ALL truths according to HIS will.  Everyday is a learning experience and I have seen and heard alot of things throughout my life.  But the true spirit of God has confirmed HIS word and that by one man ALL men received death and by one man ALL men have received eternal life.  God is that much too me and more....that HE loved HIS creation so much that HE can come down from HIS thrown and walk with man in the flesh, that HE CAN and did send HIS only begotten of Himself to dwell amongst man to reconcile HIS creation back to HIMself....that IS HOW BIG HE IS TOO ME.  That faith of a mustard seed within me was watered by the inspired word of God.  As I have studied, I have prayed and ask God to lead and guide me to HIS truths, TRUSTING that only HIS will shall be done.  TRUSTING Him is not question whether He would allow a mere man to change the scripture...TRUSTING HIM is knowing that HE IS TRUE TO HIS WORD and that HE will never forsake me to trust and believe in man.  I lean not to my own understanding even when I want to, when it feels better to my flesh, because you cannot trust even your flesh because it desires that which is not good, but only what feels good to it. 
So I say all this to say, yes, you speak of Peters intentions, and you are correct "PETERs intentions" not Gods intention. God intention was to reconcile ALL men back to Himself. It was the questioning and disobedience of Gods word that man fell from his original position. God walked with man, talked with man and told man his position and authority, but, through the craftiness of twisting Gods word, the subtle and leading the disobedient one to question and seek out another way to not obey what God said in the beginning, destruction of man came.
Even your own admittance of "I have to take pause with myself and anyone who concludes that they have somehow arrived at an ultimate truth", because God is the giver of ALL knowledge. What we see of our own is our own, what we seek out is of our own.  But God gives to those who diligently seek Him.  HE said EVERY knee shall bow and every tonge shall confess, so I take that as it is.  EVERY....not some and knowing HIS word shall not return to HIM void.  I TRUST and believe, without question.  The enemy has a way of distracting one, making one chase something that is not even there, but it looks like it is, but really it is not.  This world will pass away, but GOD word never will.  Whether man try to rewrite it, put it in another language, the SPIRIT of GOD is HIS WORD.  Everything that  comes from HIM is the WORD.  John 1 tells us that.  In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with GOD and the WORD was God.
I pray that God continue to bless you and yours and that HIS spirit will guide you to HIS truths.
In Love Sister Denise
P.S.  Sorry this was so long...yada..yada...yada


Greetigns my friend, help me understand your point if you will be so kind. You mention in another post that Jesus does not exist. You also quote here John 5:43 where the Son came in his fathers name. So are you saying The Son was the father who came in his own name? I take it then that God is one and not a trinity. Am I correct in my assumption of what you are saying.

thanks my friend


Mary, the mother of Yeshua was told to name Him YAHUSHUA, "YAH IS SALVATION". His name CONTAINS HIS FATHER'S NAME! Thus, as commissioned and BY HIS NAME He CAME IN THE FATHER'S NAME as ONE GOD in THREE PARTS; FATHER, SON, HOLY SPIRIT! Yet all ONE GOD!


Hope that helps!

Thanks  Brother Jaja (I meant to get back on your site but time evaded me) anyway. I understand to a certain degree where you are coming from with the name but whats missing for me is this, If Yeshua is the one who came in his Fathers name, (in the flesh) then that means the one in the flesh is God himself! Therefore there is no three parts. Correct?

Further we know that the word "trinity" is not in the bible. but God does say that "God" himself was manifested in the flesh (1 Timothy 3:16). so if Yeshua is the one who came in his father's name there can be no trinity!

So my question is do you believe in the trinity or that Yeshua is God manifested in the flesh!

My brother thanks for your time inresponding to this


Hey Paul, I am studying as though I have never seen a bible before since I discovered the historical information about how Jesus came about.



Greetings Bro. Raja: I know you posted to Bro. Paul, but thought I could tag in because of our previous dialog and didn't think you would mine if I chimed in on this discussion.  Please, if I am out of line, do not hesitate to correct me.  You say you are studying as though you never seen the bible before since you discovered historical information.  I have a question...Who do you believe?  Historical Information or the Bible the inspired Word of God.  Take out the equation of man tampering with Gods Word, because I know you are a man of faith, belief in the the Creator and if He is the God of ALL creation, how can you possibly think that He WOULD  allow a mere man to interfer in HIS inspired word, whether they tried to or not.

You already know I have a problem of question God and what He said...because He said it, I believe it and that settles it for ME...not you, but ME.

When we read the bible, which you have stated that it seems like you never seen before since you DISCOVERED historical information, which is information and not inspired by God...says in Isaiah 9: 1-20 foretold that unto us a child is born and Isaiah 7:14 states God with us and Matthew 1:25 says His name shall be called Jesus and John 8:58 Jesus says, before Abraham was I AM and Genesis 3:14 God says tell the people I AM and Isaiah 55:11 say His word shall not return to HIM void.  What word do you really believe?  The creator or historial information?  I am just curious, because you seem as though you are a man of God and a believer of the creator, but you find historical information more viable than the inspired word of God.  This historical information has taken man so far back that he is believing such as the first disobedient one "EVE" who questioned Gods word and looked to the subtle one for more information and got the ultimate wrath of God....DEATH upon all man and now enmity is between her seed and the deceivers seed.  Why do you except the craftiness, eloquency, entertaining and twisted words of historical information over the inspired word of God that NO MAN can ever change, no matter how hard they try.  It is just like these pimps in the pulpit that can eloquently preach and entertain itchy ears and people believe their twisted words over what the inspired scriptures say?


There is a danger when you don't TRUST and believe Gods word and look to other explainations of when, where and why HE said it.  This is why HE told Moses to tell them that HE was the I AM.  I AM covers ALL....imagination, language, interpretation etc.  This historical information is just what it is information, not the divinely INSPIRED word of God.  Don't allow the curse of enmity between the seed of deception to continue to make you see elsewhere for what God has said.  You seem to believe half of what you read in the inspired word of God then seek else where for understanding....and it is ALL in HIS inspired Word, which is the Holy Scriptures.


In Love Sister Denise


I pray your continued enlightment in the Lord and that HE will continue to draw you closer to HIM. 


the first time this name ever appears is in 368 AD at the hands of the founders of the Catholic church, the Council of Necea. MAN DID MORE THAN TAMPER with the word, HE PUT A PAGAN GOD IN IT AS THE SON OF GOD!

If you do a translation of the word SALVATION in the old testament you will find that it translates YESHUA 90% of the time and derivatives of the same in the other 10%.

We have been living this TRADITIONAL LIE for 1700 years. You keep talking about the INSPIRED word of God, as if JESUS was inspired of God. IT WASN'T!!! IT WAS PUT THERE BY UNHOLY MEN with an agenda not to serve or worship a Jew, ans since Yeshua was probably black, all the more reason why they would not worship Him.

It cannot be made any clearer than that. IT IS HISTORY BECAUSE IT HAPPENED, and that will not change because of TRADITION or what you want to be true. Don't get it twisted, the only spirit that INSPIRED jesus is the DEVIL!


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