Father God the glory is all yours. Thank you for everything you have done and are doing in my life and the lives of those that are touched through my dedication to you. May others find your love and your healing in their lives and through their lives as well. Thank you for connecting us and protecting us. For providing our needs and removing our wants. Thank you for the love you have taught me and continue to teach me. For giving me a heart that feels what you feel. And for renewing me each day so that I may continue to rejoice and seek your righteousness. There is nothing I have done to deserve your love and the grace you have poured out into my life. and through my life. It is only your merciful love that has brought me here and I choose to serve you. Remove the things of the world that get into my heart, past my armor and give me the wisdom to speak of your holy and righteous love. Help me to sow seeds as I continue to seek your kingdom. Your righteousness. And to not get caught up trying to save others, that I will leave that up to you. Let me move on in the river of life and accept the things I can not change in others. May your blessings overflow in the lives of those around me - abundantly. Show your power and remove my self. Let my desires in the flesh die and my attention always turn to the things above and not the things of this world. Thank you for your holy spirit and for not letting the wolves distract me from what you are doing. Help me to listen and not speak unless you call me to. Multiply the fruits of my spirit and use them to feed your children. And multiply them through them as well. Thank you Father God for the teachers in my life and for showing me who is of you and who is not. Hold me in your righteous right hand and continue to perfect my faith in you. Thank you Jesus for showing me the way. For the truth. And for giving me life. Let it all be for your glory. All of it. I lift your name on high and exalt you above all others. You are my risen king. There is none like you :) Thank you ! Have a great day friends. There is nothing Jesus can not do. Trust him. He heals hearts. ♥

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Oh Father how we glorify You today! We love You! We bless You God for who You are! Thank You for everything You have done, all You are doing in, for and through us! Bless the Lord Oh my soul and all that is within me! Bless Your Holy name! We forget none of Your benefits Lord! The benefit of a new day! The benefit of breath! The benefit of new mercies! The benefit of still living! The benefit of ...peace! The benefit of joy! The benefit of love! The benefit of wholeness! The benefit of healing! The benefit of deliverance! The benefit of miracles! The benefit of signs! The benefit of wonders! The benefit of eternal life! The benefit of being your children! The benefit of being joint heirs with Christ! The benefit of Your word! The benefit of power! The benefit of authority! The benefit of the Holy Spirit! The benefit of being new! The benefit of strength! The benefit of movement! The benefit of grace! The benefit of truth! The benefit of praise! The benefit of worship! The benefit of your presence! The benefit of Your glory!!! Thank You God for allowing us to not only experience the benefits but to be a benefit in the earth! Father, You are our stimulus package because You are our SOURCE! Anything else is a resource but You O Lord are our everything!!! Father, may we become that benefit in the lives of others today! When others are in our presence, let them benefit from Your glory in us! Those who are down, those who hearts are hardened, those who are broken, those who need encouragement, those who need healing, those who need deliverance, those who need their needs met and conditions changed, we position ourselves in You to be a "benefit" to them! Use us today for Your glory! Let others see our good works NOT to give us glory but to glorify You O Lord! Establish Your word in our hearts! Open our mouths and speak through us today! Bless our families, our co-workers and our enemies today! We give You praise on advance for the shifting that is taken place even now in our minds, attitudes, and positions! We bless You Lord, In the name of Jesus, IT IS SO! Amen!!! Amen!!! Amen!!!


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