As I journey towards my elevation to the office of Bishop in the Lord's Church, I have noticed throughout the recent years, an influx of the usage of the title of Bishop and Apostle and MANY of these persons are "SELF-APPOINTED" and have NO APOSTOLIC SUCCESSION nor LINEAGE. In fact, some were consecrated by Bishops and Apostles with NO SUCCESSION nor LINEAGE. Let's Discuss this.

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The reality is that there is no scripture for Apostolic succession. This is false doctrine that comes out of the non-canonical book the II book of Clement. Apostolic succession is a man made doctrine that comes from Catholicism. It is a shame that all these years after the reformation and Azusa Street and the many other Restoration moves that come to the body of Christ. That some are going backwards and adding things that have no value. Prove to me the scriptural validity of Apostolic succession. Please don' t just give me one verse. Because you know as well as I know one verse cannot establish doctrine.
There are to many of these fakes running around. But what tickles me is the fact that those who are not properly and duly consecrated get upset with those of use who are and try to change apostolic succession!!!


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