Dunamis Deliverance Fellowship,Intnl.


Dunamis Deliverance Fellowship,Intnl.

Dr. Albert A. Young Sr. would like to take this time to invite ministries to join our Fellowship ( Dunamis Deliverance Fellowship, Intnl.) a fellowship that was birth to help Pastors who are independent and starting out on their own.

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Comment by Apostle Rickey D. Williams on January 29, 2011 at 5:51pm

In the realm of The Holy Spirit, here’s what I see:


First, I see doors closing. God is closing off the advancement of the enemy. God is saying to some, “You’ve passed the test. You took the worst the enemy could throw at you in this dimension. Now it’s time to come up higher; into the next level. You won’t need to take the stairs this time. The enemy is closed off from you on this level, & can’t get to you, or whatever you put your hand unto. It’s time to catch your breath, & move on to the next level.”


Second, I see a shift change. There are men & women who will minister through their Kingdom assignments & are in ministry as ministers & leaders who have been held back, held hostage by leaders, who have once quit & walked away from the ministry that The Holy Ghost will heal, deliver, & set free. These people God will bring to the forefront that are anointed, effective, and with hit their mark for the Kingdom with “bullseye” accuracy. They will come from all parts of the Body of Christ, from every part & denomination; but some will come from non-denominations, & Christian organizations. Some known, some unknown, some won’t even be “churched” at all; but will do God’s will in Jesus’ name for such a time as this.


Some established leaders will fade off the scene, others will turn the bulk of their work to assistants & others that God will nominate to carry on the work, & some will receive their eternal rest.


Thirdly, I see a door opening. This door is for all of those who have made it through the first door, but also made it through the shift change. God has broken out the calculator, & He’s about to: add, subtract, multiply, & divide in overflow right into the lives of the people behind this door.


The Fourth & final door is a door of grace; giving people in the Body of Christ whom God has called & has not answered, & who being two-faced & double-agents; on salary for God, but work for commission by the enemy. They serve God til their itch comes a calling, go get their quick “fix”, & then come back to The Lord’s side & act like they never left.  God is leaving this door open for people to give space to repent & walk away from doing these things, but what they don’t realize is that this door has an expiration date to it, & will soon close for a season. For some of the trouble saints have we brought it upon ourselves by turning the light off to walk in darkness, & the things we do that are not God’s will but our own.


These are the things I see that God is doing in this time & dimension. God bless & keep you is my prayer.

Comment by Apostle Rickey D. Williams on January 19, 2011 at 7:51pm

Let me tell you what’s really going on in the Body of Christ. Though we smile, dress well, ride well, etc. on the outside, our insides are in trouble; suffering from lack of exercise, poor eating habits mixed in with both healthy snacks & deserts which affect the way we need to live effectively. We don’t nearly get the amount of rest balanced with healthy work & personal life cycles, carry way too much weight on our frames (I’m guilty of this myself.) so we rely on quick fixes, medications, & other solutions to fill in the blanks.


We do this in the natural, so too we do this spiritually & in the Christian realm. We need to eat regular, balanced diets of prayer, worship, praise, The Word & actions to live a balanced Christian life. We need to execute Christian principals & ethics on a regular basis;




Faith Confessions,










These are the things that God wants to place in us to get His best out of us. I have an announcement to the Body of Christ; if you want change, if you want things to get better, there’s some work has to be done.  God will always do His part in your life; you just have to do your part. This brings Him glory, to see you move forward. You can either work smart, or work hard. Working smart simply means getting a plan of action for you & yours that moves you progressively forward; vision, blueprint, to completion. Or, you can work hard & just “wing it” the rest of your life; throw it all up in the air, & see what happens.


God gives us weather & seasons to bless all of us. That’s grace, mercy, lovingkindness; these are the things He gives us all. But there are privileges of being a Christian God gives to every blood-washed Child of God in the form of a Christian that goes beyond just existing to thriving &conquering.


Me, my choice is to work smart, but with my best effort at every level. But every challenge is a chain that needs to be broken; a chance to put every “no” to shame & defeat. To be all that God wants me to be, on every level; to get up at every fall & failure, but to always rise above.


Remember, if you want the best kind of life; give God your best, period. Be a full-time saint, & not a part-time church-goer. A saint can not only affect their own house, but their environment, family, community, church, & make lives better for the good. Get it together & train to reign.





Comment by Apostle Rickey D. Williams on January 18, 2011 at 10:51pm

Let me be clear about this one thing; giving God anything less than your best this year is trifling & is of no excuse. God has been & is too good to us for us not to represent. Jesus sacrificed too much for us who say we are saved to desecrate His name by being lazy, evil, selfish, & too faced. The Holy Ghost who's present every believer who touches us & gives too much strength for us to be weaklings & cowards. Look up, get up, & live!!! Stop proving the devil & the haters right! Rise up saints, rise up denominations, rise up Christian organizations, rise up churches, rise up & come together as 1 body in Christ. Don't major on the minor & put away childish, immature, crazy, me-only things!!! Stop fighting against one another & hit the devil in the mouth like we're supposed to!!! He can't kill all of us if we stand together!!! Stop back stabbing, lying, cheating, hating, killing, & tearing each other down. Grow up so we all can go up!!! We argue, fuss, fight, disagree, & are negative about too many things. 



How about building our own lives & our own houses up with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. How about that? How about the believers coming together in our own communities? How about that? How about stopping hate where we live, work, & worship. How about that? How about us really coming together in & out of the House of God? How about that? How about shutting the devil up, shutting down the haters, helping one another, & advancing the Kingdom? How about that? How about us doing some real ministry in the places we least expect? How about that? How about us putting aside hate, jealousy, envy, & selfishness in the pulpit? How about that? How about the Body of Christ tell the people about in between the lack & the blessing is a painful, gut-wrenching middle that needs to be told. How about that? How about tell the people how to live when God says, "No." & not just "Yes?" How about that? How about taking the bible & dealing with the real issues of life but coming out on top? How about that? How about letting the Holy Spirit help keep ourselves in check so we won't be living out of control, being a "freak" to everything with a tail? How about that? 



All I keep hearing about are the minor issues, but what about the major ones? I am but one of many in the Body of Christ who refuses to be consumed by the darkness. I am but one of many who refuses to not do all I can to be a Christian for real. I am not perfect, but ready for Him to prefect me. I am one of many who won't bow his knees to the enemy; but I will kneel before God to rise up in His name. Chain Breakers Deliverance Church - Michigan will not bow down to the temptations, frustrations, & aggravations of the enemy; or to be men - pleasers rather than pleasers of God. How about you? Now what? You're going to serve someone; God, the devil, or yourself. Who's report shall you believe? Let the redeemed of The Lord say so!!!


Comment by Rev.Ebenezer Nanor on October 19, 2009 at 5:17am
Hello Dr. Albert A. Young Sr.Is there any form to be filled for one to become a member of Dunamis Deliverance Fellowship, Intnl ?
Comment by Rev.Ebenezer Nanor on September 24, 2009 at 4:10am
Dr. Albert A. Young Sr,God bless you for this great work you are doing for Him.I want my ministry to join your fellowship.I really want it

God Bless

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