Have you ever looked at a happy couple and saw the glowing smile on the woman’s face that declared how proud she was to be standing there with the man she loves? It is as if you can actually see the inside of her heart pumping love and saying “this is my man and I am his woman”.

That image invokes different reactions in those who observe. For the person also in love, they smile to themselves knowing the feeling and happiness that is felt. However, those who have never been in love experience a feeling of longing to feel what the woman is feeling. Those who have been in love and lost the one they loved either in death or to someone else are sadden by the image because it reminds them of what they had and is no more.

As women, we have been created for relationship. If we are not in a relationship then we are seeking one because it is part of our nature. That is the part of us most like God. He created man to have someone to be in a relationship with and to have fellowship with.

Love is a glorious thing for God is love. To seek love is the most natural thing we do, however, if our search for love takes us away from God, then it is not love we seek but lust. Pure love can only be found when God is first in our lives.

First and foremost we are the Bride of Christ. Think about what that means. The Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, the one who loved you enough to sacrifice His own life for you has asked you to marry Him. He desires an everlasting covenant with you. No matter what, His unconditional love is always there for you. You are His Queen. Girl, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Many of us as women think that we are not complete unless we have a man in our life and we are willing to settle for less than God’s best just to have one. Ladies, that is not God’s will for us. We have short changed ourselves for far too long.

We are willing to give up our relationship with God to satisfy a fleshly desire rather than wait for His best. I implore you, if you are single; do not forfeit what God has for you by submitting yourself to an unholy liaison. You are a Queen and you deserve nothing less than a man of God who is a King, Priest and Prophet. A true man of God will encourage you to stay Holy before God because he wants you to be in a place of oneness with The Lord so you can in turn encourage him.

If you are married, your husband likewise needs you to stay in oneness with God that you may speak into his life. Whether he is saved or not, knows it or not, he needs you to stay connected to God. Do not let your marital issues cause you to separate yourself from God.

No matter what your status is, your love affaire with God must be first in your life. Once you have made God the priority, everything else becomes secondary and stress is relieved.

The smile on your face should always be that of a woman so in love that when someone looks at you they can see the love pumping in your heart. As I said before, it doesn’t get any better than the love you share with Christ. Before you give yourself to a man, give yourself to God.

You are God’s woman and everywhere you are the lover and lifter of you heart is there. He is beaming and saying “see my woman, isn’t she beautiful. There is nothing to good for her and nothing that I would not do for her”.

He has covered you and has interceded for you. He has given His all for you and will be with you through eternity. There is no love greater on this earth than the love He has for you.

Go forth and know that if you pursue Him no good thing will He withhold from you. What He has chosen for you will manifest. If you seek a husband, fall in love with God first and know that he is able to sustain. If you are married, put God first in your marriage and know that he is in control.

Woman of God go forth as God’s prized possession – His Woman.

© Coylette James 2008

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