Can believers in the Lord Jesus Christ cross-dress and play feminine roles in productions?

I want to know if their are people out their who follow the Old Testament as part of the word of God. In the Old Testament it states that a woman cannot dress like a man and a man cannot dress like a woman, but I wanted to hear views if it is okay for believers of the Lord Jesus to cross-dress and play feminine roles in productions.

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Thanks a million for answering this question, you just touched and agreed with me and now I feel great about what I know God is speaking to modern day believers. I also have a show on that comes on from Monday - Friday and I discuss many things. I am hoping to expand the show in the near-future to open up forums and speak about what is truth vs. what we do in spite of what we know not to do. I also have a book titile "Chaste Disciples 4 Christ" that can be purchased in any online store....keep speaking the truth, my brother.
Peace & Rich blessings,
God Bless You. "Can believers in the Lord Jesus cross-dress and play feminine roles in productions?" is a question many Christians today are searching for an answer to. There are those that believe it's wrong and those that don't see a problem with it. I could go on and on about the subject. My point of view is: IF it is for the GLORIFYING of GOD, I think it's fine. IF and only IF that is the way GOD wants you to get the message he gave you through to people.Example: Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry gets the word God has given him out through his plays dressed "feminine" as the character "Madea". There is the belief the Old Testament ways died on the cross with our saviour. The word is the word (either way you slice it). Since we should not cross-dress, is it alright to wear clothing of mixed materials? Leviticus 19:19; Duetoronomy 22:9-11. I would love to hear more of what you have to say on the subject as I can't agree or disagree. Be Blessed.
I interpret "do not wear women's clothing" as referring to a way Of living. Taking a role in a drama is different. There was a time when only men were actors; and if there was a female part, then a man would play the role. There are women today who can take the role of women. Nonetheless, a part should be given to whomever can best perform the role. There could be a play with Satan as the character. Should a christian play the role? Sure.
The whole of the law is summed up in "love ye one another, even as I (Jesus) have loved you." In keeping this command we keep the spirit of the law. We must serve God in spirit and in truth.
The law painfully shows us that we need a SAVIOR. Thank God, He gave his Son.
If I preach from the old testament, I also have to refer to the new. We have ten commandments in the old and, although, there are two in the new that sum them all up we forget that and begin judging people. The Bible says that the laws of the old testament could not save us, but it was to show us who we are. Do you love God with all your heart? Do you love your neighbor as you love yourself? Let us concentrate on those two and then there would not be questions like this one. I believe the whole purpose of someone dressing different for entertainment is not a stain on their soul. Now there would be a difference if they were doing it to be someone else and believed this in their heart. I believe if we concentrated on answering the two questions above, then we will leave the judgement up to God. If cross dressing and playing other roles in a play convicts you, then stay away from it. NO! I don't see a problem with this and No! I have never played a man's role in a play and I have never cross-dressed.


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