Satan and Demons (1)

1. Read Mark 3:27 Binding the strong man and robbing his house. No man can enter into a strong man’s ____________, and spoil his ____________, except he will first ____________ the strong man; and then he will spoil his house.
Christ is so wise, that, being engaged in war with him, he will attack his forces wherever he meets them, whether in the bodies or souls of people, Mark 3:27. It is plain, Christ's design is to enter into the strong man's house, to take possession of the interest he has in the world, and to spoil his goods, and convert them to his own service and therefore it is natural to suppose that he will thus bind the strong man, will forbid him to speak when he would, and to stay where he would, and thus show that he has gained a victory over him. (Matthew Henry)
2. Read Mark 1: 23-28 According to verse 21 He (Jesus) entered into the ____________ ____________ ____________.

3. Read Mark 1:32-34, 39 According to verse 34 And He (Jesus)healed many that were___________ of divers____________, and cast ____________ ____________ ____________; and suffered not the devils to speak,____________ ___________ ____________ ___________.
How powerful the Physician was he healed all that were brought to him, though ever so many. Nor was it some one particular disease, that Christ set up for the cure of, but he healed those that were sick of divers diseases, for his word was a panpharmacon--a salve for every sore. And that miracle particularly which he wrought in the synagogue, he repeated in the house at night for he cast out many devils, and suffered not the devils to speak, for he made them know who he was, and that silenced them. Or, He suffered them not to say that they knew him (so it may be read) he would not permit any more of them to say, as they did (Mark 1:24), I know thee, who thou art (Matthew Henry)


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