One of the most important steps in our growth in God is that we make a conscious decision to develop our self esteem (our self image) in God. In order to do that we must desire to model the character of God, and think differently about ourselves (as far as our ability, strength, weakness, etc). The Bible says 'Let this mind be in you that is also in Christ Jesus" (Phil 2:5) which means that in our walk with God there should be a transformation in our minds and thoughts including the ones we have about ourselves. There are times when we have to define ourselves in God, apart from our roles in the Church, or in ministry. I believe that knowing our Identity in God and seeing us the way that God sees us is the most important part in our growth experience with God. This is a decision that we must make daily; to chose to see ourself as God sees us, and that means getting into his word so that we can understand him all the more. So, my question for discussion is this; can you Identify yourself, apart from your role?, and what is (at least one) the characteristic or area that you are choosing to grow in with your walk with God (daily)? Please feel free to use any of the instances learned in the church, or in personal study.

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God Bless You my sister, that was awesomely put. I truly believe that this is the issue with most followers of Chirst they are unaware of their value to God. I agree that once we truly understand how precious we in His sight and how greatly important we are for the work He has given us to do we will be in His perfect will for our lives. As for me, I know that titles mean nothing without a purpose. Evangilist, Rev, Pastor, Missionary, The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit, those are all TITLES and wont mean anything if they are not put into the purpose in which they were intended to be. A pastor cant pastor a congregation if He or She doesn't know God's Word and God's Plan. I am not ordained a Missionary but I know that I'm on a mission for Jesus and I know His Word and It says speak those things that are not as though they are! My Pastor tells us to WORK the WORD and it will WORK for us. I know that I'm called by God and I know that I'm His missionary, I know that I'm precious in His sight and NOTHING ELSE matters but Him! We as a faith, as a poeple of believers have to get to the point where NOTHING ELSE MATTERS BUT GOD! You can have my title, you can my position, you can have this role, I Just want JESUS! HALLELUJAH! As for the second part of the question what am I working on daily...well for me I have been praying for more wisdom, more strength, for the Lord to briddle my tounge, to be more submissive to His will, how to be a SOLD OUT servant, how to love more, and just to be more like Him!
WOW! That is wonderful, I believe that God is doing great things through you and for you. According to our faith God gives us the measure that we need and desire. I Pray that you will gain the wisdom you ask for in a way that only God can give. You are and Awsome woman of God, continue to seek the Lord and he will direct you. You are wonderfully made In Christ.
Thank you so much and I recieve it all in Jesus Name! God Bless
I really can understand exactly what you are saying. You know there are times when I find myself empty, and there are also other times when I am just FULL, with scriptures. One thing that I am thankful for is that the Holy Spirit will bring just what I need to my rememberance. I pray that The Holy Spirit will reveal himself more in your life and give you balance with devotional and academic studies. That the comforter will remove the intensity of stress and give you peace and understanding in all aspects of your life, walk with God, and ministry. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy God in everything you do. You are more than a conqueror!


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