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Word submitted for your encouragement

by Yolanda Ballard


In the midst of all the turmoil there is a gentle rain, a refreshing that is much needed in the body of Christ. In the midst of all the storm there is a still small voice, and the Lord is waiting for those who are hungry and thirsty for only Him to draw near, and be still, and know that He is God, and that He is faithful to give out His marching orders to His faithful remnant.

Yes, they are those who remained faithful even though the heavens were as brass. They remained faithful when it looked like the fresh manna was no where to be found. They even remained faithful until death, and now they will receive a crown of life, and loving kindness will be their banner. Favor will follow them everywhere that they go.

Grace and honor and favor will engulf their life, because they did not lift themselves up in pride, nor did they demand honor from man, but they remained meek and humble before man, and also before My throne, and now I will lift them up with the honor that goes to kings and priests. Because they sought My will above their own, and they promoted My kingdom and not their own, I will bring honor and riches and prosperity to them.

Yes, this is the end time promise to those who overcome. I promised to reward those who diligently seek Me. I said that the pure of heart will see Me, and now I am ready to bestow upon them kingly gifts and anointing. Yes, gifts that will bypass even the glory of the apostles and prophets of old. For these are the days of greater works, and those who are of the nameless and faceless generation will carry these gifts. So bow down before My throne of grace, and receive abundantly of My power, glory and honor, and carry it out to the nations.

Set the captives free. Heal the sick, raise the dead. Freely give what you freely receive. And give out My good news-----the message of My kingdom, of My love and My grace, and that I died for all of mankind. Don't be particular to who you go to. All will receive My love and grace if you follow My leading alone. Don't do anything out of pride or vainglory for faith is motivated by My love.

So be ready for I am taking you up to a higher level in Me. Right now I am purging you with My fire, washing your with My blood, and renewing you with the washing of water by My word, but you must be discerning. You must seek out My light that will lead you through the darkness of the night. Weeping will only last but a moment, and you will wake up with the morning light of life set completely free of all bondage and deception.

Keep trusting in Me. Keep your eyes on Me, and I will lead you through this tough time. It is all in preparation for what is ahead. This is all for strengthening you. Yes, I am even stretching you to be able to receive all that is at hand.

Keep marching forward. Breakthrough! Breakthrough! Breakthrough is coming!!!




Shared as the pick of the month for April for this is very much a now word for those who will receive it!


Much love in Adonai & Shalom



Chief Apostle ETAWMI and its outreaches

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Yes Indeed!

This is very much a now word in due season for those who will receive it!


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