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Rise Up! Word concerning 2011. Courtesy of Apostle Shawntel Jefferson, Exec. Officer ETAWMI


As I sit here days away from entering into the year 2011, I contemplate the one specific message being placed repeatedly on my mind. This particular message has hung so intensely this month that no words could be spoken. Only a silence could be maintained as the very heart of Christ was expressed. Only tears could come as the love of Christ rocked the atmosphere and with it, something similar to electrical currents. I not only sound this alarm in the name of the Lord but also send this word to you concerning 2011.

The enemy is on the prowl and looking to win. The victory is ours but it is up to us whether we walk in the authority we have or release it to the enemy. This means we must not give him any additional ground to elevate himself in or give the enemy anything on which he can prosper in his evil and corrupt plans.

If you have been hoping and praying for someone and have yet to see them come to Christ, do not become discouraged. All prayers do not have immediate manifestations but fervent and passionate prayer can birth even the most resistant nonbeliever into the kingdom of God. We can make nothing happen of ourselves but if we invite Christ into the life of another to do only what He can do and to touch their hearts(which we do not know so perfectly)......then the enemy has no roadblocks or walls which can be left in place and untouched. This is the time to rise up in the strength of the Lord and birth your friends, loved ones, and enemies into the kingdom through prayer. The Lord has said that the fields are ready but the laborers are few. There is a massive shortages of midwives, those willing to birth for the kingdom of God.

As I sat I heard these words, "Who among you will give of themselves to see this kingdom filled and the lives of the lost recovered? Who will block the enemy with the prayer of faith? Who will storm the enemies camps through prayers of repentance and love? Who will love those who hate them and speak ill of Me? Who will let go of themselves in order to know Me more clearly? Who wants to understand My passion and who wants to fellowship in My pain? For I see the people grapple with themselves in the heart and because the people who bear My name have grown cold these go down to the pit daily. Rise up in prayer! You have the power. You have the authority. You have My word. Move forward and leave doubt and fear behind you. I the Lord am with you. This is the year to soar on eagles' wings and scale the mountain tops."

We reap what we sow. If we sow in righteousness and not darkness, how great will that light be! If we sow abundantly, how magnificent will the harvest be! You might be somewhere right now feeling you have nothing left to give. But God just made another deposit in you and I so we can deposit into the life eternally of another. IN THIS SEASON AND EVERY SEASON, MOVE IN THE KNOWLEDGE OF WHO YOU ARE.

The Lord says,
"2011 is a year of release, growth, and power. The greater works many have longed to see will begin to move down through the continents and spread throughout the world. You will see even face adversity, but if you remain in Me you will be well. The blindfolds will come off of people to reveal the purpose, authority, and true signets of the church. The wolves will be revealed and the disheartened will be encouraged.

Pastors love the church even as I love her. Teach her, nurture her, and teach the things others hide. Teachers teach but from the kingdom perspective and not the worldly one. You yourselves have been in that system which was established to fatten you up like a calf being prepared to go to the butcher. Teach in excellence, teach the truth, teach with unrelenting passion. My prophets and apostles, you must work hand in hand. You must find the common ground between you and among you to complete this work. It will not happen without the prophetic, likewise it will not happen without the apostolic. Every member of the body is necessary and are strategically connected to one another. You must begin to move in your gifts at maximum capacity with understanding, knowledge, and in wisdom. Open yourselves up to hear more from Me, and I will download more to you. The one who hungers will be filled and lack nothing. There is nothing left to say to you now, but move. "


Posted courtesy of Apostle Shawntel Jefferson, ETAWMI, US

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