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G-d IS the only living G-d and Creator of all things and the Giver of Life!
G-d MADE Man from of the dust of the ground and breathed into him the Breath of Life and man became a living soul.
G-d MADE man in His own image and likeness and man is the crown of all His creation
G-d CREATED the whole Universe for His beloved man.
G-d LOVES everyone for He IS their Creator and the Sustainer of all His Creation!
G-d CANNOT lie nor fail.
G-d NEVER slumbers nor sleeps.
G-d IS in control, even when things are out of our control.
G-d IS at work, whether we understand or not for He IS Sovereign Lord
G-d NEVER makes a mistake for He SEES the end from the beginning
G-d SEES all things, KNOWS all things, HEARS all things and there IS nothing He cannot do.
G-d HAS GIVEN us eyes, ears, mouth, hands, feet and breath and surely He is not less than a Human being.
Animals, birds and fish do not speak, nor smile, but were made for man’s pleasure.
G-d SAID each in their category to bring forth after their kind and so it is, even the fruit trees and vegetable trees and different grains!
G-d HAS APPOINTED for Man – once to die and after that judgment – and so it is.
Since the fall of our first parents, all men are born in sin and therefore cannot go and live with a Holy God, after they die.
G-d therefore came in the form of Man –  Jesus Christ, the Son of God, born of  Virgin  Mary and lived without sin to be the Saviour of Men.
Jesus Christ is the sinless Lamb of God that was sacrificed for the sin of mankind and His sinless, holy blood cleanses from all sin.
Through His sacrifice we could be forgiven and have peace with God and go and live with God after they die.
G-d PROMISED, whosoever repents and believes in Jesus Christ as their Substitute for their sin, shall have everlasting life!
Even though people did not believe Him and they crucified Him, on the third day     G-d raised Him from the dead, like He said.
Death could not keep Him and the soldiers could not stop Him for He arose from the dead on the third day and His tomb lies empty for all to see!
Anyone could prove this truth for He is alive and not dead!
I have proved this truth and I have the privilege of telling all who would listen that G-d is the living G-d!
I have seen many lives set free from sicknesses and the power of demons and they now love and serve G-d and His Son Y'Shua Jesus Christ.
Y'Shua Jesus Christ is coming back soon for His blood washed people – are you one of them?
All those who will not believe in the sacrifice of Y'shua Jesus Christ for sin, shall die in their sins and go to a lost eternity.  It is a place of eternal punishment.

Eternity is at the end of man’s last breath and Jesus Christ is a prayer away!
Man has been given a free choice and he could choose life or death.

I love telling this story for it means life eternal for those who believe.
Even though some do not believe, it is their choice while mine is to give them the truth!
Margaret Wright

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