Can a man of God that had a problem with women in the past be used of God? Can he be a good husband to the woman of God that he will be blessed with? What advice would you give a wife of that man of God that is anointed and used of God now in his life, but is still approached at times? How can a new wife that believe and trust the God in her new husband continue to be strong and keep her husband covered in prayer as well as trust the man in him. How can that wife not look for residue of her man's old ways to show up before she even gives him a chance to prove himself? Not married, just curious....

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I have had the same issue. My husband, a called man of God, is a man with a past. And I always tell him "God brought me to you for the man you "WILL BE". And I fully trust God. Women are always approaching my husband, he is the assistant Pastor of our church right now, and I just trust God. My husband is very careful to always have me by his side, he is always speaking of me, and always includes me. A wise seasoned Pastor once gave my husband the advise of always making sure I am standing to his right side, because I will almost always be between the other person and my husband, and it actually works. But the best advise I can have is to keep your husband covered in prayer, and in all things trust that God can change his heart if there are issues, and God will keep your family protected. We are all constantly growing in Faith, so always remember, if you get a funny feeling, pray and trust. (my husband has not been placed as the Pastor of a church yet, but I see how the Lord is preparing me : )

Stay encouraged.
Thank You for your advise. I know to trust the God IN him. God is showing me the Godly man that is emerging inside of him, and that is what God has been preparing me for : )
The blessing is in the versatility, and universal, unlimited power of the blood of the Lamb, abd His Matchless Name, which makes it as effective against spirits of lust, adultery, infidelity, etc., as it is against anything else. The wisdom, that the Spirit of the Lord would speak unto all who have, confronted, are confronting, and will confront these unfortunate situations, is the fact that we "wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places, so your fight and struggle is not against the man of God, but against those strongholds assigned to his life, vision, and your marriage. "What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus! What can make me whole/clean, again? Nothing but the blood of Jesus! If the wife in this situation is not prayerful, and heeding only the FULL COUNSEL of GOD, she will pluck up her own house, through residual resentment, distrust, bitterness, offense, and unforgiveness, so, they both must be healed through honest confrontation of their circumstances, and earnest, unceasing individual, and mutual prayer, for one another and their union. Any couple, that consistently, fervently, and sincerely labors in prayer together, asking God to reign supreme in their marriage, has a tremendous advantage against the adversary, and any temptation, and scandals he's of a mind to send, because it will be revealed and intercepted in prayer. Secondly,if the man of God firmly establshes his genuine loyalty, respect, devotion, asnd commitment to his wife, marriage, and position as a man of God, and firmly establishes a warning against any disrespect of him, his wife, the house of God, inappropriate behavior directed towards him, or within the ministry period, those who are sent on such assignments will usually stand down, reconsider, and perhaps, even keep it moving. When there is strife in the pastoral home, it should never be evidenced openly, because it's an open portal of a weakness in the foundation, and that's all the enemy needs to go to work against the flesh, and strengthen the position of temptation. Until the offended wife is purged, and totally liberated from her own wounds, the marriage is likely, to be fragile, because she'll always be waiting and looking for the same behaviour of infidelity, which can be very toxic within a union, and stressful on the marriage, and the man whose sins GOD HAS CAST INTO THE SEA OF FORGETFULNESS! A wise woman builds her house, and considers the "pastoral fields, before she "buys" them". It's a challenging position that requires great wisdom, maturity, moral fortitude, understanding, constraint, and resilience, but God has given us all things that pertain unto life and Godliness, and it can be a great pursuit, assignment, and source of mutual joy, if the two are securely intertwined with and around Christ, as their core, and as a threefold cord, which is not easily broken.
this is very true. and we are presently growing stronger...through storms. and I know we will have the victory.


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