Is it appropriate for Christians to have profiles on Christian Dating Sites?  Is it possible to meet an appropriate mate online?

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I think it is okay.
Sister Carol,

Welcome to Single But Not Alone. It's an honor to have you as a member. Thank you for your comment. Do you have any experiences you would like to share?
yes i bleave god gave us the tool to work with.
Minister Taylor, Thank you for your comment. Internet is a great tool - it does make the world a lot smaller.

Rev. Winn
This is a very good question Woman of God, and I personally think that if the decision is made to register a profile at a Christian Dating site it should be that they have Prayed and consult the Lord about it and if they have a Peace in their Spirit about it then I say Go For it! It is so ironic that you have posted this question because I have been thinking about this myself and am Praying and asking the Lord about it. I have heard of several successful stories but also many bad experiences about online dating because many people register as Christians and they are not. I Believe that we need to excercise Discernment also so that we will not be played by online predators. I'm a firm Believer that we must and should Pray about Everything!
Yes, we should acknowledge God in all that we do. You might like to check out some articles I have posted on my website point to the “Single But Not Alone” page. There is a couple of articles that deal with some things to watch out for in online dating.

Thank you for posting your comment. I would also like to thank you for being one of my listeners on blog talk. I will be doing a singles program soon. I will keep you posted.

Rev. Winn

I have mixed emotions about Christian online dating sites.  Is something wrong with it, probably not in my opinion. I would think that if you profiled yourself using integrity that it is up to you how you would make yourself available online or in person. You really have to be spiriturally solid and hear from God when exposing yourself to the world.  If you are a weakened vessel this could cause you more harm than good.  There is a lot of deception on and off line and if you don't use your spirit of decernment you can set yourself up to be deceived.

However for me, I really don't care much for blind dating and this is pretty much what you set yourself up for with CODS (Christian Online Dating Sites).  I have profiled myself on CODS before and for me it kindly made me feel overly exposed and I think to some degree it showed me a presence of desparation.....saying that I was not waiting on God to send someone my way right where I am located or if you are traveling you are not trusting that if he/she is there God will reveal this person to you and let his will be done. 


 In my opinion, if you are communicating in a online discussion or at a business meeting etc...or something where you are not really seeking to be noticed and you are noticed I think that is a better online or personal expression of interest than putting yourself out there solely to be sought after.  This is just my thought.


I would not go as far to say that you could not meet an appropriate mate online. I don't doubt that there are success stories. However I will say that you be very careful in this time of social media networks.  The internet ( a web) ( what do webs do? They ensnare and trap) is a large tool that reaches the whole WIDE WORLD and this is being used by many who are coming in the name of Christ.  I have noticed that the WWW is controlling minds and actions there is no more time to pick up the phone and call a person or to mail a letter or to travel to visit...cause you can do it all online. We are exposing to much of ourselves to the WORLD and my inner tells me its all a trap to get us away from the will of God when we become to anixous to make things happen in our timing.  Enter into any/all relationships with caution.  Be careful saints and I will continue to pray for you as I would have you to pray for me in our singleness. 

@Gerri, thank you for your comment.  A dating site is not my ideal way to meet my husband but do keep and open mind.  I have met some very nice gentlemen on Christian Dating Sites.  Yes you do need to use caution no matter what form of dating you engage in.


The Internet in general is away for the powers that be to keep and eye on us all...(smile).  Jesus is coming soon!


I'm on facebook if you woud like to join me there. I am on there much more than here, nowadays.





Thanks so much Rev Winn. I do agree there are many nice people on CODS. I am sorry to admit that I am not on facebook and cannot go there anymore for whatever the reasons that were revealed to me for my life. I have to resist and turnaway. I use to have a page and was almost consumed with the act of getting on facebook.  


However, it is a tool that is not for me and I had been given the revelation about facebook when I was a member to get off immediately and I was only a member for about 2 months or there would be a challenge to have a faceoff.  It was revealed to me that facebook is a tool that allows everyone that you accept to be in your face and your life becomes an open book (facebook). 


I have heard so many stories of people having faceoff's good, bad and indifferent since I have left the site. I had to be obedient and remove myself and so glad that I was obedient. Today I have no desire to look back. I have the Good Book (Bible) and a friend in Jesus and that is suffice for me. I don't need to have the world in my face and make my life an open book with hundreds of friends.  Please know that I do not knock others who choose to have a page.  I only pray. 


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