Is Beaty more than skin deep? I have asked this question without response. What does the bible say about beauty?
Since I have received no response to this question, i will answer it at this time.
Beauty of the physical nature is a temporal situation and condition, because all things that are beautiful on the outside eventually are corrupted by time, weather, the bumps and brusies of life, mildew or etc. Haggai 2:1-10

In this Chapter God is talking to the children of Israel after they had returned to the land from babylon to a ruined temple, or pile of rubble which was once Solomon's Temple/ God had given them the orders to begin rebuilding but He knew that the hearts of the people had been filled with discouragment because it was not beautiful in their eyes as the previous temple. God told them to work and that He was with them and in verse 9, "The glory of this latter temple shall be greater than that of the former says the Lord of host . And in this place I will give peace, says the Lord of hosts."

It makes no difference what you look like on the outside, but if you are a spirit filled believer you are glorious because the Holy Spirit of God dwells in you and He has glorified you with His presence and made you(the new creation)greater than the former!

Know that god made you exactly like He called you forth to be, that's why your parents are and were you parents. He makes no mistakes, but it is up to us being the temple of the Holy Spirit, to be head of the maintenance department to our temples, that they are in good, healthy working condition, so that we can go to any region of the earth and minister the Gospel as God sees fit and as He wills.
God spoke to me, " How can i send you to the regions of Africa, in places where there may be no roads and expect you to climb steep hills or travel over rought terrain in the condition that you are in? By the time you get ther you will be sick, out of Breath and will be no good to me or anyone else, you will not be able to minister to my people, they will have to minister to you!"

So brother's and Sisters let us check our maintenance records and fire our department heads if they are not in order and let the Spirit of God be in control that God may get the glory out of His Temple!

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