Do you know that the devil is real? Do you know that the Bible refer to the devil as an accuser? Do you know that you can be wrongly accused? Do you know that you can overcome the voice of accusation?

The Devil is a lier and also the father of lies. So when he speaks. He speaks lies. Many people are under the grip of the devil in various ways. One of those ways is by The Voice Of Accusation.

Don't believe the lies of the devil. Don't believe the things he says about you. The voice of accusation constantly brings accusations against us, telling us what we didn't do or what we should have done. He'll remind us of all our past mistakes and failure. He'll come in a negative form. And do you know that negative accusations take various forms:

  • "God can't bless you because of your past."
  • "You lost your temper last week."
  • "You went to church, but you arrived late."
  • "You gave, but you didn't give enough."

Those are all lies. Quit condemning yourself. Refuse to listen to the accusing voice. The assignment of the voice of accusation is to bring guilt, reproach, condemnation and limitation.

You can overcome that voice of accusation. God's Word said, "every tongue (voice) that rise against us we will condemn." Hallelujah! You have to condemn the voice of accusation against your health, family, finances and etc.

some ways to overcome the voice of accusation are

  1. Speak the Word of God.
  2. Pray the Word of God.
  3. Listen (Hear) the word of God.
  4. Study/Read the word of God
  5. Think (Meditate) the word of God.
  6. Walk (Act) the word of God.

You have to deliberately refuse to believe the voice of accusation. And choose to believe the Word of God. Stop condemning yourself, for life and death lies in your tongue.

You have to keep the Word of God close to your heart. The Answer Is In The Word Of God!

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