John 5:43 I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.




It's called TRANSLITERATION. That is when you take the words or letters from one language and mixing in with words or letters of another language, to create whatever it is you want to create.


It all started with the Greek word IESOUS. Many people think that this is a name, but it's only a word. It is the Greek word for the meaning of YAHUSHUA. YAHUSHUA means salvation. When Mary named our Savior Yeshua, Prophecy was fulfilled from Isaiah that he shall be named Emmanuel, which is, God with us. The very NAME of YAH is in His Son's name.


IESOUS means Jehovah is salvation. The Greeks had this word for the meaning of Yeshua and God with us. But it is not a translation of the NAME, YESHUA. Again, it is the word for the meaning of the name Yeshua.


Now when the Romans, Through the Council of Necea got their hands on the letters, epistles and scrolls for the purpose of canonizing a Bible, they immediately went into political battle. Aside from fighting among themselves with titles ( doesn't that sound familiar), naming themselves every title found in the epistles and the scrolls, and when that didn't do they made up some titles ( again, doesn't that sound familiar), as Romans had always done, they decided to improve upon the son of God.


Their first reality was that the son of God could not be Jewish. So they completely did away with his name. They made no attempt whatsoever to translate his name. They made no attempt whatsoever to translate the Greek word IESOUS. Instead, they simply TRANSLITERATED the Greek word IESOUS.


Are you ready for this:


They replace the letter "I", With a Latin letter "J". Then they simply remove the letter "O". There it is folks J E S U S. Jesus. That's how the Romans came up with that name. There was no thought about it, no praying about it, no attempt to translate the name of Yeshua. These ROMANS created an Anglo-Saxon God and simply INVENTED the name of JESUS.


Then they created a graven image the go with the name, and that is the very picture of Jesus. We know today; a tall, muscular, long haired, blonde, blue-eyed, Anglo-Saxon male.


There was absolutely no way these Anglo-Saxon Romans, who already had their feet on the back of the necks of the Yahudim, were going to worship a Jewish God. Add in the probability that Yeshua had dark skin or could in fact have been black, and all the more reason why the Anglo-Saxon Roman had the turn our Lord and Savior and to a different God altogether.


The changing of the name of Yeshua to Jesus, was not only an (successful) attempt to make the son of God, Anglo-Saxon, it was an attempt to make Yah himself, Anglo-Saxon. Jesus and his graven image is a Roman pagan God, and is in no way, the same as Yeshua or and intended representation of the same.


Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.


We have been tricked...The world has been tricked. The trick played on Adam brought sin into the world but Abba did something about that. This trick is sending people to hell, because according to Romans Chapter 10, verses 9-10, we have to AGREE (CONFESS) with Yah, that YESHUA is YHWH, and that He raised YESHUA from the dead. Jesus would not exist for another 350 years.


So do you still insist that the name of the son of God is Jesus? If you do you deserve your fate.


You should also look at the attached links regarding Christians and Christianity.

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Jaja answer me this,do you believe in John 1:1 do you believe that God existed before the world was and that He spoke the world into being with the word of His mouth and that word which was with him from before the begining was incarnated into the virgin Mary and became flesh.  Do you believe that the word which became flesh was fully man and fully God and that the same word is the Son of God and that the same was a sacrifce of the Creator, the Almighty God who loved the world and that the same Son laid down His life so that all who believe could be free of sin and that the same Son rose from the grave to give all who believe eternal life and is now at the right hand of the Father interceding for us.  Do you believe in all this or not as I nee to know before I go on any further

Okay Jaja for some reason I cannot respond directly off your comment so to answer your question of
What is backward about your interpretation of John 5:43
I have read in a few places where you have stated God came in the name of His Son and it is in fact the total opposite God did not come in the name of His Son neither did the Son came in His own name. The Son in fact came in the Name of God just as the Scripture stated.
Even the commission did not mention baptising people in the NAMES of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, there is no plural to the sentence, the Scripture used the name singularly showing one God so the Son could not have come in His own name but must have come in the name of God, therefore if you want to be so nicky picky about the translation of who Christ is why do you then not refer to Him by the name that was given to the people when an enquiry was paid of who shall we tell the people you are.
The fact is if there is only One God then there must be one name that encompasses all three aspect Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Why not refer to Christ as such showing who He is and the name by which He came to us and the name by which He will be present and active in us.

The ONE NAME woudl be ELOHIM!

No Elohim is not the name

I don't recall saying that YAH CAME IN HIS OWN NAME. I am very well aware that YAHSHUA CAME IN THE NAME OF YAH!

wow Guys I just found out the Hebrew version of my first and middle name is Malachi Netanya now I would certainly have no problem being call my Hebrew name if my Hebrew friend choose to call me by it in fact Malachi like Angel is a no gender name and the meaning is the same which ever language you look at it.  So all these people going around claiming that ones name does not change from language to language is pulling the wool over your eyes, for instance we say John in English but in italian Jovanni.  Guys get over the name He will answer to Jesus just as much as Yeshua

Can you say Yahushua? Of course you can! Thank means you have NO LANGUAGE OR SOUND BARRIER! So why are you calling the Messiah OUT OF HIS NAME! YOU ARE WITHOUT EXCUSE!

So you have given permission for us to say your name differently. Cool. NOW SHOW ME IN THE WORD WHERE ELOHIM OR YAHUSHUA GAVE PERMISSION TO CHANGE THE MESSIAH'S NAME!

YOU WILL PERISH! But that will be the last thing you will be thinking about of the day of judgement. Perishing will be the least of your concerns. IT WILL BE THAT YOU ARE BEING LEFT THAT SHALL BRING FEAR TO YOUR SOUL!

Jaja God don't mind us calling His Son Jesus only you mind Jaja and you are not God. You arenot God jaja and you cant go aroun d forcing me to do things because God believes in people having the choice he does not want anyone by force because when people do things by force there is no cooperation. Get it satan do things by force not God. God wants his body to work in perfect unity, to be pure spotless and clean, everyone cooperating and working as His body, noone being force to do because slaves are force, slaves are whipped into doing things. 

Stop trying to think you are the only one who has truth because God is the truth not you, you are not God, Jaja you are pushing a lot of people away, you are trying to kill people that is not of God God is a God of love. 

Stop trying to force people into things , stop trying to kill people, because that is what satan does and if you have ever met the Son of God believe me you would not want to destroy people, you would not want to treat them the way you are doing.

The Argument Over A Name

Our Saviour Hebrew name is Yeshua but I am not Hebrew so I am happy to call Him by His English name Jesus, which is the name I called upon and He save me and the Holy spirit have not convicted me when I call the Saviour Jesus, in none of my dreams or visions I have of Him has He ever condemn me or refuse to answer to the name of Jesus.

God is and was the one who confound all our language so I don't believe he is going to beat us up over the name plus Yeshua is the name of the Son yet when Jesus was in ministry here on earth he did not say he came in his own name he said he come in His fathers name John 5:43 and the father is not Yeshua, the father is I AM - Yahweh (YHWH). 

When Moses ask what name should I tell the people that sent Him he was told tell them I AM (YHWH) sent him not Yeshua.

When the angel appear only Mary and Joseph was giving the name Yeshua. During Christ Ministry he constantly refered to himself as I AM (YHWH) the fathers name even when he was ascending he did not say Yeshua will be with you always he said I AM (YHWH) will be with you always Matthew 28:20. 

People if calling the Saviour Yeshua was such a big deal Christ would have been using that name instead check it He use His Fathers name, I AM (YHWH) the way, I am (YHWH) the bread of life etc

I think satan has come amongst us trying to tie us up in confusion so we will take our eyes off our Saviour. 

Let us stop this nonsense and come into realisation of what is important and that is that we know who the Saviour is, that before the beginning he was with God and through him and by him and for him the world was made and that he who was in the beginning with God came born of women conceived from the seed of the Holy Spirit to be among us being fully man and fully God, He died for our sins, and was risen on the third day to give all who believe in him everlasting life.

People there has only ever been one such as him so God will recognise who we refer to whether we call him by Jesus or Yeshua.

As long as we don't allow ourselves to be fooled into thinking he is the blue-eyed blond picture because none of us know what He physically look like and it is by his voice we will know him not by his name or his looks. 

The word says my sheep know my voice not my sheep know my looks or my name none of us have a description of of his physical look or if he will come having a colour and if we believe we do that is where we will get deceived because when the evil one comes the word says even the elect will be deceived. 

So people let us ignore the tactics of satan and look to our Saviour, concentrating on hearing him through his word and forget what he looks like and get away from the useless argument over the name because it is not by his name or by his look we will know him it is by His VOICE.


Wow! THE DEVIL IS REALLY HAVING HIS WAY WITH YOU TODAY isn't he. I mean you have gone to all 15 of my postings to leave this insanity?



As you once said to my bride on YEN, "YOU NEED TO KNOW YOUR STUFF BEFORE YOU POST!

Jaja you know I know my stuff but because you have allowed your brain to be possessed you have lost sight of the truth, but let me tell you something, the blood of Jesus can set you free.  Whatever strong hold you have allowed to get control of you the blood have Jesus can loose. 

English invented around 450 AD, when the Roman troops withdrew from Britain, the Angles (hence the terms English and england), Frisians, Saxons, and Jutes began to travel from Germany and Northern Europe to Britain. The Saxons were the most dominant group. The Anglo-Saxon languages developed into English. They were functionally illiterate so little is known about the time but in 597 Christian missionaries came and introduced literacy and Christianity to Britain. In 1066, the Normans, Viking who had settled in France 200 years before, took over England. They contributed 10,000 words to the English language. English was considered a peasant language and anyone of a high status spoke French. As the Normans became more isolated from Europe, they began to consider themselves English rather than French. At this time, There were many different dialects of English and often people living in neighbouring towns could not understand each other. English was very casual and there were few rules. They became more regularized through time and word forms were generally reduced.

No one can say at which point English became a separate language from the different Germanic dialects but it would have changed quickly as people of different tribes tried to communicate with each other. The waves of new languages that spread over the British Isles greatly broadened the English vocabulary. This is why we have so many homonyms and synonyms, compared to other languages.

Time period of 368AD is only a estimate


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