The word "Holiness" was attributed to a movement and a denomination which is what this group is saying.  This doesn't mean others not associated with this movement or denomination should not obey the call of holiness as well.  It is just observing the fact that a change was broughy forth in the United States of America through a movement called "Holiness".  This movement has changed but has not died.  We all have a commandment to be holy regardless of denomination.  At the same time, I believe Yahweh honors denominations.  If you recall reading in Ephesians, he call the church the "body of Christ."  Let me remind you that the body is not made up of one big arm, but the body has many joints, ligaments and body parts to make it complete.  The Holiness Church, Baptist Church, so on and so forth, are apart of the Body.  Each denominations has it's part and serves it's purpose.  It doesn't divide us but rather it makes us able to reach different people from different backgrounds.  It gives people a chance to be in the "Body of Christ" and find a denomination or church that suits them.  Worship, sermons and teaching styles are different from church to church.  But all of it should lead to the same cross.  Remember John wrote to the 7 churches.  Remember there were 12 tribes of Israel, and even diffrent sects within them, but they were all named the Children of Yahweh.  So denominations are not bad, judgment against one another is what hurts us, not the denominations themselves.

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