Can somebody help me with this?Where in the Word of God (Bible) does the title REVERENED apply to man,because all I can find is,Apostles,Prophets,Evangelist,Pastor and Teachers.

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The term Reverend is not applied in the bible but elder and bishop are not on that list either. 1Tim 5:17, Rom13:7 these deal with us honouring and giving reverence to the man of God.
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Did not the Apostle cast lots to fill the office of bishopric of judas? and did not the Eleders are to lay hands on the sick?Please enlighten me on these Scrpitures where this titles are mentioned.What about Overseer?Is not Pastor,Bishop Elder and Pastor one in the same????
Yes these are the same Bishop,Pastor,Elder,Overseer,.I didn't mean that these weren't offices/callings but these.aren't include in the list of titles you gave from Eph 4:11 that's all brother. Although JESUS never asked them too fill the Apostleship he had already saw Saul/Paul a far off he just told them too tarry until ye be endue with Power.
I'm just saying your right there is no title that say Reverend James,John,or Peter if you deal with 1Tim5:17 and Rom13:7 the men of God are to be treated with Reverence now come on and say Amen
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My brother,write the vision and make it plain.Is.To give Reverence is not the same as being Reverend.Also one other question,since the title in Eph.4:11 ( Pastor) mentioned are one and the same then you must know that when I mention the Five Folds of Ministry and use another title that is in the Word that identifies with such, then there should be no conflict of what the Word says
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