Why are so many people confusing the church age with the kingom age? Let's discuss this very important subject.

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I Timothy 3:1-5 gives us a glimpse on why this is so. The Kingdom Age is about the King's Dominion in the earth as it is in Heaven. Dominion is manifested in its respected domain. Wherever the King is, there his dominion shall be as well. The problem is the idea of remaining in the Church Age where its convenient to look godly, but not compelled to be godly. When we look at the prologue of man's creation,(Gen.1:26) we notice that God create us in his image and after his likeness. Notice he says image first, secondly he says likeness. Image is The Church, Likeness is The Kingdom.
The form of godliness is produced through the Church, but the Power thereof is produced through the Kingdom. God is expectant to set up his Kingdom where he has and is, in total control by exercising his dominion. Church says God is in control, but Kingdom proves God is in control.

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