From Church To Your Community To Your Workplace

Train your members to take Christ to their community!
Train your members to take Christ to their workplace in a none threatening way!
Train your youth and young adults how to take Christ to their school and college!

Cutting Edge Training that will equip your members to be ministers in the marketplace.

What is the Marketplace?

1. An open area or square in a town where a public market or sale is set up.
2. The world of business and commerce.
3. A situation or place in which values, opinions, and ideas are put forward for debate or recognition: a marketplace for new ideas; the literary marketplace.

Who are Ministers?

1. a person acting for another as agent and carrying out given orders or designs; specif., a person appointed by the head of a government to take charge of some department
2. a diplomatic officer sent to a foreign nation to represent his or her government, usually ranking below an ambassador
3. anyone authorized to carry out or assist in the spiritual functions of a church
4. a person or thing thought of as serving as the agent of some power, force, etc.

Our Mission is to come, undergird the vision of the Church for evangelistic outreach. Our team of experience people of God will come alongside the Pastor and Ministry leaders to assist in equipping and training the local assembly to be effective fruit bearers from the Church to their Community to their Workplace. We will enhance proven biblical strategies straight out of the living word of God to help mobilize an army of labors to harvest the fields of society around us. Our vision is to see our city and communities transformed by the power of Jesus Christ Ministry through the local church. A Statistic states that Christians spend 20% of their time in church and 80% of their time is spent in the market place. The book of Acts tells us that God added to the church daily! How was this possible?

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This is a great tack that is being over looked by so many in the church today.  Not knowing how to is the biggest fear people have when it comes to wittnessing. We must be trained in this area and Evangelist Departments nedd to be established in each of the local churches so that their Ministries might grow.


I'm all for something like this and is willing to help get it started and teach or train.  


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