In the last month I have notice that my sermon preparation time has increased. My usual time in the Word of God has picked up. The need to explain scriptures that build faith in the heart of my people is key to the last few messages.

What about you? Have you noticed any changes in how you are prepping for you message and how to deliver that message? Are you able to put your message in a series with part 1 and 2?

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Okay the Strong's Bible Reference Concordance is a great tool. The book is huge!

My Amplified Version of the Bible is falling apart. I really like the over-emphasis that the Amplified gives me.

I have not used the NIV or the New American Standard Versions for anything since 2006. My study is direct and to the point. I need to have scriptures match from my KJV and the Amplified Version of the Bible. This is some of my resource materials found in my office -(my kitchen table / den / truck -smile


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