Believers have so easiely forgotten our principal assignment for this perishing world- PRAYER. HIV/AIDS is a secret killer and spreads every second unnoticed. A youngman in my church is suffering from the terminal stages of AIDS now It is sad it took my seeing this youngman suffer for me to see the need to pray to our good Lord for a medicinal treatment for AIDS Some scientists are putting in all they have and know. Did the scripture not say, "If the Lord does not build the city, laborers labor in vain". Like Hezekiah (2kings20:1-7) I see that time has come to join prayers and ask God to once again reveal his secret things to us that fear him. Not all that suffer are under judgment for sin. Some were raped, some contracted it through irresponsible sex partners and yet many through unscreened blood transfussion. In Nigeria a senator who was a one time governor of a state married a thirteen year old girl. When the human rights agency challenged him, he took cover behind his religion- Islam. We do not know how many innocent girls face this oppression everyday. I am persuaded that God will give speedy response if we ask him. Join PRACT-4-HIV/AIDS(prayer action for HIV/AIDS) in the month of July- A whole month of prayer and fasting for God to reveal the reliable and cheap treatment for AIDS because there are many deceivers claiming they have cure for it. Some have suffered from wrong medication too. Send "YES", your name and location to or +2348035724526                                                                                                                              You donot need to wait till July; start to mention this issue before God everymorning. I am sure you won't ignore this call!

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iam glad to join your group thank you evangelist pastor susie houston
iam bless to join your group thank you evangelist pastor susie houston


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