<span>There is a Call to unity in the Spirit!</span>

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There is a call for unity in the body of Christ! This call is not designated to each individual church congregation, denominiation or belief system it is for the entire body of Christ , those who consider Jesus Christ is my Saviour!  We and I mean We as believers in the kingdom of God and Jesus our Saviour tend to look short sightedly at our individual church congregations or denominations at the realm of unity causing ourselves to fall short and to also be in disobedience and rebellion to God, which only hurts ourselves.


There is a time soon to come when those that believe on the Lord Jesus Christ will be killed, persecuted harshly world wide, not just in Egypt, India, China, but world wide, yes i mean even the United States of America.  They are not going to look at what denomination you are apart of, because in the end that does not matter, so what will we do when it comes down to the wire? Will we run to our own perspective corners? or will we stand as a mighty nation of believers?

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<span>Cast down the Spirit of Pride!</span>

God is calling us to a dimension in His Spirit that we walk in love, integrity, and peace amongst the brethren, "Come let us reason together, let us get the word of God before us and study the word together and see what is hindering our growth, influence and power, what is hindering our walking in love towards all that call on the name of Jesus?


As apostle Paul went into the synagogues, preaching and teaching, studying with those who desire the truth and were intellectual and knew the word, some received the truth and others did not because they refused to believe what was right in front of them.


We must call upon the undershepherds, the Apostles, the Prophets and the teachers and let them come together and reason according to the word of God everyone with their bible (those that believe in Jesus) and let the word do the restorative work in us.  We are one body, but many members, all across the world, and when Jesus comes back He is coming back for His own self, we must look like Him, all of us!  He is not looking for pentecostals, Methodists, Baptists, Catholics, Apostolic, holiness, He wants to see Himself and until we can come together in unity and oneness of the Faith we will continue to be a deformed/ malformed body of believers.


It is not about what you believe it is about what God said!  We will stand and receive our reward or will we continue bringing cursing and damnation on ourselves for walking in the separation and division when God has called us to UNITY?


Persecution is coming let us be one nation of people, saying that we are one, in Jesus Christ our Lord!





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