Praise God people of the Living God ! I am glad to share with us the mind of God today. The battle we are called into is not that of FLESH AND BLOOD, but against Principalities and Powers... We must therefore know where to direct our battles. It is so sad today to see The Church fighting for the physical things whereas God has blessed  us with every Spiritual blessings in the Heavenly places.


We need not fight here in the NATURAL realm when there is VACANCY in the SUPERNATURAL realm which controls the natural.


We are called the CHOSEN generation called to show forth the praises of the Most High God. The world will never come to know God by the way we are going about the things of God most of the times. Its time to call ourselves to order.


I believe strongly that there are things "No eyes hath seen, no ear have heard nor yet to enter the heart of men" which God want to use to draw men to Himself. God is looking for men who will desire to make this secret know even in the generation. THIS IS WHAT I BELIEVE WE ARE CALLED TO DO...unfolding the mystery of the Kingdom of our dear Lord.


Proverbs 25:2 say... Its the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the honor of kings is to search out the matter. Every problem that we solve as a Church or even as individual Ministers of God bring honor to God thereby showing forth His praises and enlarging His kingdom.

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